Anna Reporting


This morning (11.30am)

Anna Kavanagh, Of Athlone Community Radio, reporting on the latest developments from Strokestown, County Roscommon

Anna writes

Reliable sources tell me Garda Commissioner Drew Harris is going to Roscommon and the men arrested yesterday may be questioned by Gardai for up to seven days

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  1. Eoin

    Let’s hope the Gardai in Roscommon are truthful with the Commissioner. As we see in the Commission of Investigation report published today into an armed robbery in 1998, the Gardai are to be “deplored” for some of their actions.

    In 1998, one Garda member gratuitously kicked a criminal in the head while lying prone on the ground. Not only that, but other Garda members who witnessed the assault didn’t divulge what they saw after the public had complained.

    “53. While all of these events were occurring, one of the other raiders
    had been apprehended and was lying, face-down, near a line of civilian
    cars where he was being guarded by a member of the ERU. As two
    civilians watched, this prisoner was kicked in the face by a member of
    AGS, who was then led away by a colleague. The garda assailant asked
    the raider, “Did you think I was sick?”, in an obvious reference to the Blue
    Flu. Because the incident was not followed up by AGS, it is now
    impossible to tell who the assailant was, other than that he was one of
    the gardaí at the scene. The ERU member standing guard over the
    prisoner must have been aware of this assault, although he says he was
    not. One of the civilian witnesses to this assault reported it to AGS that
    evening but her complaint was not taken down in writing, nor was it
    followed up.
    54. This incident gives some idea of the kind of scene this was. It was
    fraught, it was dangerous and it was very traumatic. The incident was
    also a good example of the kind of difficulty that attends the work of
    AGS. When an armed raid takes place and the lives of citizens and
    gardaí are put at risk, it is perhaps not surprising that some people react
    with anger and this was certainly just such a reaction. It can only be
    deplored but at least the assailant could have pleaded momentary loss of
    control, had he ever come forward. What makes the incident far more
    serious is that it was effectively ignored by AGS although at least two
    colleagues must have been aware of it at the scene and another heard
    about it that evening from one of the civilians who witnessed it. While
    one can understand loyalty to a colleague, it is very wrong when such
    loyalty extends to ignoring an assault on any citizen, even a criminal.
    The civilian witness who described to the Commission what had
    happened concluded that, while she did not condone anything the
    raiders did, this was not right. It was far from right, but the way in
    which it was managed made it even worse.”

  2. Truth in the News

    Perhaps Harris might give us all an insight into the incident that led to
    the Citizens March in Castlerea last Sunday given that he visited the
    town today, its also ironic that RTE carried a news report fronted by
    Ciaran Mullooly from Castlerea yesterday outside the Police Station
    How come he didn’t do a news report on last Sundays March…..from
    outside the same Police Station where the March finished, its not that
    RTE didn’t know about it.

    1. SOQ

      For anyone following the lady on Facebook Live in Strokestown, be aware that she has shared a platform with a failed presidential hopeful in Kilkenny.

      I never did. She of the wig with static curls so defiant that Panti Bliss would demand the Chinese ebay supplier of?

  3. sparkilicious

    7 days doesn’t add up. I understood they were detained for q’ing under the OASA, which has a limit of 3 days for q’ing. Would also be bizarre for the Commissioner to directly involve himself in a single investigation. So not really sure how ‘reliable’ the source is.

    1. dav

      yes and protects the unregulated “security” services as they drive around in unregistered vehicles and evict people out of their homes..

      1. postmanpat

        but they don’t murder innocent people so as bad as they are they aren’t as bad as the ‘ra or their supporters . ie: you

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