A Magdalene laundry in the 1950s

In fairness.

Yesterday: The Eighth Day Of Christmas

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“The State Simply Doesn’t Get It”

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The Magdalene Report: A Conclusion

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2 thoughts on “Any Chance?

  1. Elm wood

    Irish children sold for profit around the world , to fund schooling and health care for other Irish children , all provided by a benevolent Church/state and its willing collaborators , fraudulent birth registration to enable fraudulent documentation , which enabled the transport of these Irish children . Church and state harvested the poorest and weakest of society , farmed them in effect . The sale of the children built the shiny new hospital wings opened by bloated bishops and ministers , while their mothers washed the hospital sheets to atone for their sins . We all benefitted , it was a state policy enacted on our behalf . The fact that these documents and the archive they are deposited in , remains closed is just a continuation of this policy . In effect the state and church using the much derided chant …..
    “hell no , we won’t pay “

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