Anything Good In ‘The Roscommon People’?


From top: The farmhouse in Strokestown, County Roscommon; Monday’s and Tuesday’s Irish Independent

Further to media coverage of events last week in Strokestown, County Roscommon.

Paul Dalton, In The Roscommon People writes:

Such has been the bias displayed by certain quarters of the traditional print and broadcast media in the last few days that as a former national newspaper editor and foreign correspondent in the UK and Ireland for 25 years, even by the standards of ‘fly by your pants’ journalism, I’m shocked and disgusted by my colleagues, and it takes a lot to say that.

Almost within hours of Sunday morning’s events, The Irish Independent had already fingered “dissidents” as being responsible for the revenge attack against the security personnel shipped down from the North.

As someone who’s edited these kind of stories, it was bewildering to see that The Indo had no evidence for its claims, nor any clarification as to whom these “dissidents” were. Republican, Loyalist, it didn’t matter.

The same newspaper within a day then extrapolated its bias by wheeling in a “notorious crime family” as being part of Sunday’s dawn attack, again with no evidence other than unnamed and not even quoted Garda sources, and further cemented its claim of “dissident” insidious control of events.

The aroma of creative license began to waft in the air. To a lesser extent, The Irish Times and broadcast media, especially RTE News, tried to play as straight a bat as they could. But hidden beneath their coverage, there was still a sense of them putting a perfumed handkerchief to their noses as they surveyed the “mad Rossie culchies” out West.

…within hours, the Irish Daily Mail, for which I once worked, condemned everything that had happened at Falsk as protest masquerading as “criminality”….

…Ironically, it was the often derided tabloids, The Irish Sun and The Irish Mirror who gave the fairest and most accurate accounts, as far as they could, of what took place, and the real sense of outrage many of us in rural Ireland feel.

In fact, it was only these two tabloids who even reported the now notorious moment when one of the security personnel boasted about being “British” on a video clip in response to why he was helping evict an Irishman from his own home, a clip that has gone viral.

So, there have been calls to boycott The Indo, which is fair enough, and their reporters have been told to “f**k off back to Dublin” while reporting from outside the Falsk premises.

In fairness, and I’ve been there, it’s not the individual journalists’ fault. I know from experience that, when a publication has a mindset riddled with bias from the very editorial top, at times you have to fall into line.

It ain’t pretty, and might leave a bad taste in your mouth of which you’re not proud, but it does help pay the bills at the end of the month. [More at link below]

‘An out of touch media elite’ (Paul Dalton, Roscommon People)

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52 thoughts on “Anything Good In ‘The Roscommon People’?

  1. Owen C

    “As someone who’s edited these kind of stories, it was bewildering to see that The Indo had no evidence for its claims, nor any clarification as to whom these “dissidents” were”

    Elsewhere in the Roscommon People:

    “There was speculation that some of those involved in removing the McGanns from their home may have been ex-loyalist paramilitaries.”

    1. GiggidyGoo

      And that last sentence is reporting about the speculation. But the Indo presented its stories as facts. Can you see the difference?

      1. Owen C

        Everyone is speculating about who was involved, often without any actual evidence. That’s the complaint by The Roscommon People writer, and yet they are doing the exact same thing. Using “people are speculating” as the excuse is no actual excuse.

        1. Fact Checker

          It would be great if An Garda Síochana, and all media organisations, had a transparent policy on the use of background briefings.

          1. SOQ

            It would be great if An Garda Síochana pointed the hairdryer at something other than the road outside of it’s barracks in Crossmaglen but progress is slow, and, sometimes painful.

  2. Jonjo

    In fact, it was only these two tabloids who even reported the now notorious moment when one of the security personnel boasted about being “British” on a video clip in response to why he was helping evict an Irishman from his own home, a clip that has gone viral

    It wasn’t in response as to why he was helping evict an Irishman, it was in response to the question “Are you Irish?”

  3. Owen C

    Also, someone who complains about bias, and then writes the following, really needs to engage in some introspection

    “…the now notorious moment when one of the security personnel boasted about being “British” on a video clip in response to why he was helping evict an Irishman from his own home, a clip that has gone viral”

    1. scundered

      The guy was answering the question “what are you?”… how that can be construed as boasting is hilarious. If he had said Polish, there would have been very little said about his nationality. It’s sad when there is a clear attempt to amplify deep rooted bigotry as a means to gain support, most people would agree he was acting like a thug anyway.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      If you took time to study your history you’d understand the use of notorious. Tell us why it isn’t.

      1. Owen C

        It is notorious. But thats not the issue. The writer complains that there wasn’t enough reporting of it, therefore deeming it to not just be interesting, but actually an important element to the story. Which it isn’t for anyone who isn’t living with some weird Brit-hating mindset. The writer has also actually misreported on what was said, to construe it as being a boast. It wasn’t. He was asked/told “you must be a proud Irishman today”, to which his response was simply “I’m British”. There’s no boast there, it was a simple put down against the man who thought he has socked him with a withering insult. So when you complain about poor reporting and bias, and then misreport with bias, it makes you seem kinda stupid.

        1. johnny

          As opposed to being obsessed with Gemma,who you trolled relentlessly on here and elsewhere, which just makes you seem “kinda stupid”.
          Has a day gone by where you have NOT thought about her, posted about her or trolled her?

          1. Cian

            so says johnny who is obsessed with Dennis O’Brien & Digicel….

            I dunno if you saw this, or have already shared in on BS:
            “After almost four months of negotiations, Denis O’Brien’s Digicel surprised sceptics earlier this week by cajoling holders of 95 per cent of $2 billion (€1.75 billion) of bonds due to be repaid in 2020 to defer getting their money back for a further two years.”

          2. johnny

            Cian I provide a public service due to the pitiful reporting on Digicel by the Irish MSM-I refrain from commenting on Dennis,haven’t mentioned his startling weight gain,as its quite common when under stress to turn to sugar,fags or booze for a quick ‘hit”.

            But you do this all the time Cian-on every one my posts-would you like to discuss the bond swap then-what are your thoughts on the revised convenats?

          3. Cian

            “on every one my posts”
            No. I haven’t commented on your Digicel posts – they were (mostly) informative – and mostly confined to appropriate posts (De Papers). A bit stalker-ish – but whatever.

            I comment on your one-sided rants, or when you openly make false statements, or misconstrue the truth. Like when you say “NAMA will do anything except fund houses” – this is false, but you keep repeating it.

            Or last week when you tried to insinuate that NAMA was a Digicel bondholder? You never answered that on – was that based on you ignorance of the NTMA structure? or were you trying to deceive?

          4. BTBarnham

            Cian = 3rd generation FFG reared in cozy south Dublin by the sea , proud protectionist of the ladder puller uppers …manning the trap door with gusto

          5. Owen C


            What has my infatuation with the maniac right wing wannabe presidential candidate got to do with this story? Its no more relevant to this thread than the incessant musings of a NY property developer on Digicel’s bond swap.

          6. johnny

            Cian- clearly your an expert on NAMA and the NTMA so can you enlighten me on..

            -who do NAMA staff work for-would that be the NTMA?
            -who does NAMA rent offices from-NTMA ?
            -who pays severance and bonus to NAMA staff-NTMA?
            -who provides IT to NAMA-NTMA?
            -where did the chief executive ‘work’ before NAMA–NTMA ?
            -why is the Chief Executive of the NTMA on NAMA board?

            why does the NAMA site say this ?

            “All of NAMA’s staff are employees of the NTMA and are assigned to NAMA by the NTMA . The NTMA also provides NAMA with business and support services, including human resources, information technology, market risk, communications and the execution and processing of hedging transactions. NAMA reimburses the NTMA for the costs of staff assigned to NAMA and the costs of business and support services.
            The Chief Executive of the NTMA is an ex-officio member of the NAMA board.”

            yeah apols for any confusion !


          7. johnny

            Do keep up Owen-is that why she blocked you:)

            I’m Vanessa/Ollie C I take it your new little shop doesn’t have enough of a bench to cover Digicel bonds then ?

            Do you keep all your business ‘cards’ like a second string ballplayer,maybe if you make it to the majors one these days, but given your age unlikely,your ‘rookie’ cards be worth something….

          8. Cian

            So NTMA and NAMA are two separate legal entities. With two separate boards – albeit the CEO of one is on the other – and NTMA provide HR and IT. So tell me exactly how NAMA is a Digicel bondholder. Your original claim.

          9. Owen C


            It’s amazing how petty and personal you make everything. Particularly when you are able to do it from your anonymous pseudonym. And despite bringing in my non-anonymous life whenever you can for no relevant reason. If only I knew who you really were. How’s the cannabis warehousing business going these days anyway? I caddied out in East Hampton back in the day, so I know that part of the wotold. Lovely place, albeit expensive. Your mate NWL let slip who you really are, so consider us on a more level playing field now.

          10. Johnny

            Business is growing thanks Owen,they always need good help which is hard find these days,in The Hamptons,so you may get another chance to carry someone’s bag.This time the year I spend more time out west (LA during week,Joshua Tree area weekends)so it’s a nice balance or ‘bicoastal’ as they say:)

            Owen I mainly in my opinion provide a free public service on here,using a few of the skills I picked up,to run a cold,hard look behind all the irish MSM cheerleading and noise,at Digicel with yes the occasional gratuitous dig at Dennis.

            On the other hand,your views/opinions/bias which you practically share daily on Gemma,are shall we say predictable,pedestrian and more than adequately covered pretty much everywhere else,oh and the election is long over and she never got nominated…

            Ps-none the above is breaking news or exposing me,as one two the less evolved trolls on here are also constantly bringing up,what I do and my somewhat grandiose lifestyle.

          11. Johnny

            Ro-as a very humble person I’m too embarrassed to say what people pay me for my expertise,which believe it or not is highly sought.Just turned down the opportunity to work on a new ‘tech’ city outside Mumbai,in collaboration with Oxford Uni.

            So yes it’s ‘FREE’ the coverage I provide on here to those who read my posts,which I mainly place at bottom of daily newspapers and rarely if ever get any comments,or interesting questions.

            However,I do attract quite a few ‘fanboys’ like yourself,as someone who’s over 6 feet,an accomplished athlete(where did I put that old blue jersey),a surfer with a smoking hot GF and is living the dream,I’m used to envious and jealous fanboys like yourself whom I normally ignore,but ‘tis the season.

            Have a Happy Christian Ro-this a free gift:)


          12. Lilly

            Despite all the shenanigans, Denis seems to have a solid home base. I have no idea how attractive or otherwise his wife is, but I’m pretty sure he would never, to his credit, describe her as ‘smoking hot’.

          13. Owen C

            @ justsayinlike

            I’m more active on twitter than on here, under my own real full name. John knows this and likes to drop hints in here about it like I should care (Doxxing is the technical term I believe). The problem is, John is entirely anonymous both here and on twitter, so it’s poor form to ‘out’ people like this for no good reason. So I feel I should only repay this in kind. Anyone wanna know how much John paid in property taxes last year? It’s surprisingly large.

          14. jusayinlike

            You apologise for such people everyday Owen.

            And you drop tidbits about someone else’s affairs while crying foul over complications with your own privacy.

            Poor you getting unmasked, my heart bleeds for you.

          15. Johnny

            Lilly-you are absolutely correct and it was a uncharacteristic slip back into old behavior for which I apologize,spent too many years working on the street,picked up a few bad habits,bragging being one.
            Ro shall we say doesn’t exactly bring out the best in me,but that’s no excuse and again apologies,and to the GF,.
            When I told her last evening she laughed then informed me,we are now watching every chessy holiday movie I’ve refused to watch,but again sorry.

          16. Johnny

            Owen C-one wonders why Gemma blocked you….

            As a online keyboard warrior Owen,your FG right wing fear tactics to reveal financial information about me is no surprise,it doesn’t scare me in the slightest,they are a matter of public record so go for it,but which property in which state…..

            It’s well know on here that I enjoy a nice ocean breeze while waxing my board first thing and having coffee,by the way how’d you make out for tips carrying those bags?

            One one level it’s quite funny,in that a few regulars on here have accused me of being some ‘Walter Mitty’ type character,so confirming where I spend some time and what I do is somewhat amusing.

            However,threatening to reveal someones tax information has entered a whole other dimension of harassememt,I could pick up the phone and find out from any number senior execs at Cantor what they paying the help in the back office these days,but can’t be bothered.

            Good luck at another new little shop,at best a sideways move but on the brighter side you have lots more time for your twitter and posting on here from work,threatening to reveal my tax info-tut tut !

  4. Eoin

    For the true dregs of Indo “journalism”, you should re-print the front page of Tuesday’s paper.

    INLA, Continuity IRA, North Dublin criminals, local crime bosses giving permission to operate on their turf, cattle smuggling, you name it, it was there to smear the response to the violent eviction, and as for the dead beat occupants of what looks to me like a modest unmodernised family home…..

    The latest Indo “journalism” points to last Sunday’s incident being an unconventional response to competition which would have been better handled by the Competition Authority. Dregs.

  5. rotide

    Apart from the ridiculous double standards already highlighted by Owen, here’s a thought. Maybe if a gang of you didn’t take up arms , dress in balaclavas and take the law into your own hands we wouldn’t call you the “mad Rossie culchies”.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    ‘We’? Didn’t know you worked for the media. Then again, you’re a backward editoR I suppose.

    1. TheQ47

      I must be thick, I never noticed that rotide was editor backwards! Maybe it’s because I live near Roscommon that I’m thick.

    2. rotide

      I use ‘we’ as in ‘Normal people who believe mob vigilatism is A Bad Thing’

      But of course, someone with the eagle eye and sharp intellect capable of spotting semi-palindromes would know that.

  7. realPolithicks

    I’m shocked that a newspaper with such integrity as the indo would resort to such tactics, shocked I tells ya.

    1. SOQ

      Well there I was, minding my own business in the closet.. sorry cubicle, when the hand of An Garda Siochana reached under and had a feel, and then another.. and another… next came the handcuffs.

      My parishioners were mortified. Nobody knew he was gay?

  8. Truth in the News

    There is answer simply boycott the Independent and the rest of its rags
    What other media organisation got over 100 million of debts forgiven
    and then lectures a roscommon farmer on what he owes, perhaps he
    made a mistake that instead of farming he should have gone into
    the newspaper business preferably in Dublin

  9. jusayinlike

    Tmw’s Indo leads with..

    “Social media hate speech curbs after eviction row”

    Taoiseach says online comments were an incitement of violence and hatred”

    Poorly organised eviction results in violence, and now the hapless FG and snowflake leader want to ban the internet.


    To add insult to injury he’s in the coming SINDO living magazine telling people how to decorate their Xmas tree.

    10,000 homeless and rising.

    1. anne

      When that fool opens his mouth it’s incitement to hatred.

      His sneering at Pearse Doherty about balaclavas, just swung a lot of support for SF..

      1. Broadbag

        Doherty’s refusal to condemn the Straw Dogs-esque retaliation probably cancelled out any gains, neither of those clowns came out of the exchange looking good.

        1. anne

          That’s fine, but I think the public have more disgust at the heavies from the north and the banks, than any retaliation.

          It’s all well and good saying we condone all sorts of violence but this whole incident occured due to the bank’s greed and that messy eviction.

          Our early rising chief had nothing to say about the family being dragged out of their house with the Gardai watching on. Your man Rambo was literally sitting on top of one of the siblings & he screaming for help & the Gardai looked on.. Keeping the peace my hoop.

          I’m seeing huge support for Pearse Doherty online after this..and I’d say Leo thought he was being clever.

          You’d have to wonder about a person who was once a doctor giving it up for this tripe… going out with billboards about welfare cheats. Talking about being a leader for those who get up early. I mean seriously, what a waste of an education.

          1. jusayinlike

            When the optics look terrible, which they do, wimpy Varadkar can always rely on the lapdog Indo to soften his image.

            Tomorrow’s SINDO living magazine displays his smug grin on the front page boasting about his Christmas decoration skills.

            10,000 and rising. Stats can’t be softened.

  10. Dub Spot

    To the barricades! KBC is under attack according to the Irish Times. It’s the fall of Saigon, Storming of the Bastille, Arab Spring, and an average Saturday night on Camden Street all rolled into one. “Outraged from Killiney” is already working overtime to get a letter to the editor published on Monday.

    KBC sending a running team to the Grant Thornton 5K Corporate Challenge in Dublin’s docklands next year is under threat due to fears for employee safety. A spokeswoman for KBC said, “A foive K run is not, loike, a real run anyway.”

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