Strokestown, County Roscommon

This morning.

Via The Irish Independent:

Although some of the individuals involved have links to dissident groups, gardaí are satisfied the main motive behind the incident was to show how unhappy they were with the decision to give the security work to personnel, some of whom were based in Northern Ireland.

Others were locals, who joined in as a protest without realising that the incident was likely to turn so violent.

“This appears to be largely a case of teaching a lesson to the outsiders because of their selection for the job, rather than a protest over the eviction of the family from the house the previous Tuesday,” a senior officer told the Irish Independent.

Right so.

Gardaí believe WhatsApp group organised violent attack (Tom Brady,

Yesterday: Meanwhile, In Roscommon

Pic: RTÉ

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62 thoughts on “The Other Guys

  1. rotide

    “This appears to be largely a case of teaching a lesson to the outsiders ”

    Well that’s fine and not the least bit terrifying then

    1. Medium Sized C

      I find this is way more believable than it being a republican mob going after loyalists, being the start of the french revolution, being a mob of motivated rural farmers looking to save rural ireland for rural farm people or any other theory of the composition of the mob.

      Republicans mad because loyalists got the security work is to me the most plausible scenario here.

      1. f_lawless

        I’d recommend reducing your intake of C – you seem to be contradicting yourself from paragraph to paragraph ;)

  2. Eoin

    “This appears to be largely a case of teaching a lesson to the outsiders because of their selection for the job, rather than a protest over the eviction of the family from the house the previous Tuesday” says a senior officer to the Indo, allegedly.

    According to the Indo earlier this week, it was the INLA and Continuity IRA and they had to get permission from a local crime boss to operate on their turf. And there was all sort of stuff about cattle smuggling and criminality in north Roscommon.

    And what does the quote in the Indo mean today? The incident on Sunday morning was about the fact that a Northern Ireland company had been hired to do the eviction? Rather than the eviction itself where the occupants were forcibly “pegged beside the side of the road” with at least one having a bloodied face and reportedly, broken teeth. Don’t believe it. Feels like more bull poo from the Indo.

    1. ollie

      The eviction was carried out by the Sheriff. His office can hire who them damn well like.
      Is Roscommon the Irish Ozark, sure looke like the Hillbilly to sane person ratio is totally skewed

    2. rotide

      “Although some of the individuals involved have links to dissident groups, ”

      Did you miss that opening sentance while you were falling over yourself to ‘just ask questions’?

      1. Eoin

        We all have links to dissidents, it’s a small country and we’re a social people. But very, very, very few of us are in the INLA or Continuity IRA, which was alleged by the Indo, reporting their trusty “sources”, to have been behind the incident.

        It’s bull poo. It’s obvious it was locals who were upset at the treatment of the occupants. And despite some media trying to smear and villify some of the occupants, the locals hold them in great affection.

        But, you know, sinister fringe and all that. Can’t have people putting manners on banks now, can we.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        And the proof to that statement will result in prosecutions I take it? Not only for what happened in Roscommon but for their links to dissidents?
        I thought not. The Spindo scraping the barrel as usual.

      3. ollie

        Although some of the individuals involved have links to dissident groups

        That “sentance” is meaningless,

    3. Medium Sized C

      “According to the Indo earlier this week, it was the INLA and Continuity IRA and they had to get permission from a local crime boss to operate on their turf.”

      Have you got a source for that, like a link or something?

        1. Medium Sized C

          I wasn’t on here much before yesterday and I don’t really read the Indo.

          Is there an article? Because as we know headlines are not articles and we are discussing the content of an article, not a headline.

  3. Scundered

    Would love to sit down with them over a pint and a book on Human Anatomy and have them explain why they think someone from this bit of land is different to someone from that bit of land, when the land is all connected anyway.

    1. Medium Sized C

      You’d be there for a while.
      They’d have to explain conciousness, sociology and culture to you first, because you are looking for an answer in a book on Human anatomy.

      1. scundered

        Fair point, all of which are open to the error of human thoughts/beliefs, not necessarily scientific. If they had maybe lived on both sides of the fence they might see they are identical, both subject to the same irrational fear of what’s on the other side, tribal instincts, lazy conclusions, and often tragic consequences.

        1. Medium Sized C

          I mean the problems of the north exist among groups of people who live a short walk from each other.

          Also, science is suceptible to human error.
          It being a human endeavour.

  4. postmanpat

    Its true , the local grime boss regularly feeds prisoners to the Rancor and/or Sarlac pits. I heard it from that bounty hunter .

  5. Nigel

    You might think you want this kind of violence in response to banking impunity, government indifference, vulture fund callousness and heavy-handed official enforcement. But you don’t. You really don’t.

      1. Nigel

        Yeah. It’s oh so easy to open that box. Lots of good reasons and opportunities. Then when you’ve burned down all the faulty institutions that weren’t protecting you as well as they should you’ll find put what it’s like when they’re not there to protect you at all.

        (Of course that’s another method of control, but we have always had the tools to fix things and make things better but we’re too cynical to believe in making things better. That’s for hippies and tree huggers and SJWs, we have more faith in the cute hoors we loathe but who politically eat those do-gooders alive.)

    1. Eoin

      It’s been three years since Ireland has had reliable crime statistics, that’s an international disgrace.

      The CSO publishes crime statistics for the third quarter of 2018 today. The statistics are “under reservation” again because the CSO doesn’t believe what the Gardai are telling them.

      But as we saw in the Charleton tribunal, the rotten media-Garda loop doesn’t really care about truth.

      “The categorisation of Recorded Crime statistics as Statistics Under Reservation will remain in place until the CSO is satisfied that the level of accuracy and completeness of the underlying data is of sufficient quality. “

  6. Dr.Fart MD

    how very irish. comfortable to be messed about by our own, just not outsiders. someone please write a thesis on the irish propensity for fupping each other over.

    1. rotide

      You were the one volunteering yourself for the baying mob just looking to beat some miscreants to within an inch of their lives earlier in the week, maybe you could write that article

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        yea, and i was on for what they did. and still am. and would be on for more. im just baffled why theyre sayin now, they only did it coz they were from the north. id be non-discriminatory in my beatings.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            absolutely fupp you from the high heavens. just because im lookin at violence as an option doesnt mean against literally anyone. i’d only do it against politicians and bankers, in particular, ones who have hurt others, be it financially, thru greed etc.

          2. rotide

            So we’ve moved from security teams to democratically elected representatives who deserve the baseball bat treatment.

            Just eff off up north where that sort of behaviour is par for the course will you?

        1. Neilo

          @Fart: my wife’s a banker who kept a clean pair of hands for decades and never bilked a client or issued an unaffordable loan. Is she to be deemed a legitimate target, you child? I wish you the best of luck in finding replacement ears and nose if you want to tackle her. You deserve to be shunned by polite society. I hope your dog cowps when you’re baws deep in him and that you have to be carted off to hospital to get his jaws removed from your nethers. And I say that with all due respect.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            @neilo it was taken with all due respect. thank you. however, you’re gettin angry for no reason. if you weren’t such a simple creature you’d kop that i dont literally mean all bank staff. I’m after retiribution. not wildly swingin at everyone mildly connected.

            @rotide ooooh, an elected rep! oh how dare i threaten someone as regal and important as .. an elected rep. also, in our ‘chat’ the other day i said bankers and politicians, people in general, who are responsible for throwin people out on their ear, selling their mortgages to vultures, rippin people off, all that sort of thing. you really are gettin wound up about it. which is making me more likely to follow thru on this in real life. if youre against it, i must be doin somethin right.

          2. rotide

            Please feel free to follow up on it ‘in real life’*, that is exactly the sort of darwinism that keeps the world slightly safer for us normal folk.

            *as if typing on a website is something you do in a fantasy world. Your fantasy worlds are really really really boring.

          3. rotide

            Dr Fart, Since it’s christmas and we could all do with a laugh, perhaps you’d be so good as to outline how exactly your pitchfork lynch mob is going to select it’s banking targets.

            Smash your way into reception and go straight to the top?
            Pause the lit torches while you remove your balaclava and peruse the annual reports to identify sufficiently evil persons?
            Or will you merely wait for your exams results and forget all about this?

          4. Dr.Fart MD

            rotide. we’d go to their houses late at night. or intercept their car in traffic. im really gettin more n more into this idea the more i think about it. i initially said id join something like it, but i might start something instead. as for exam results, im 41 years old and havent done an exam since the inter cert. im a biker, i drink in fibbers, i have a chronic pain that makes life tough, in general nothing goes right for me. so i dont care about much. im ready to pick up a bat.

        2. Neilo

          @Fart: I was a little intemperate there but I’m very wary of the power of words in the context of our shared island history. So mote it be for all us simple creatures who don’t dwell on your exalted plane of
          polemic that is so richly yet tragically evocative of a Hibernian Khmer Rouge.

  7. Roscommunist

    The Indo is fairly nailing its colours to the mast on this one.

    Firstly it was the INLA.
    Then it was the Provos.
    Now it’s a few anti-competition local security firms!!!

    Would anyone with half a brain swallow this bull p**??

  8. A Person

    Again, I repeat bankers, nordies etc., have nothing to do with this case. The actual landowner was not paying his debts or taxes, and has stalling doing so for a decade. But sure, they are simple country folk…. bs… pay your debts. How can anyone not agree with someone not paying their debts?

  9. Eoin

    “Sinn Féin has announced its intention to set up anti-eviction campaigning groups across the state in response to the increasing incidences of evictions from family homes…It is clear that it will require a broad coalition of ordinary people and communities to defeat the alliance of bankers, landlords and the political establishment…That is why Sinn Féin will be on the road from early January meeting with communities with a view to setting up anti-eviction campaign groups”

    Says Matt Carthy MEP today.

    This comes after his colleague, Kathleen Funchion said in the Dail that Roscommon “that’s just the start of it what we saw on Sunday. This is going to continue if we don’t deal with it”

    Hmmm, so there were three Independent TDs occupying KBC until late last night and now there’s 20 TDs and a handful of senators and over 100 local councillors starting campaigning groups. Looks like Roscommon marks the start of a fightback.

    1. Neilo

      SF/IRA would be better employed setting up child protection protocols while cultivatiing a collective sense of shame for its parade of atrocities.

      1. johnny

        Shame-shame on you for being so ignorant.
        On this day in 1972 the UDA opened fire in Annie’s Bar murdering 5 innocent men watching football.
        They were Charlie McCafferty, Frank McCarron, Charles Moore, Barney Kelly and Michael McGinley.

    2. rotide

      ” Looks like Roscommon marks the start of a fightback.”

      Against paying your debts?

      Great, there’s a few hundred quid on my card that i really can’t be bothered paying back. Where do i sign up?

    1. Neilo

      Nor particularly. Still, nice to be stereotyped by a conspiracy nut who seems to derive an erotic frisson from reciting the names of murdered souls.

      1. johnny

        This was YOUR response to a statement from a democratically elected member of the European Parliament.

        “SF/IRA would be better employed setting up child protection protocols while cultivatiing a collective sense of shame for its parade of atrocities.”

        Yeah-I’m the conspiracy nut-its the IRA the RA-every-time an elected representative issues a statement,some self loathing west brit like yourself,posts a knee jerk reaction that is ignorant and ill-informed,you’re here spreading hatred and lies.

        Child protection-WTF are you referring to-Matt has 5 children,
        Shame-what has Matt got be ashamed off-getting elected?

        The Troubles-yeah those fecking taigs huh,their demands for civil rights and an end to discrimination.

        You appear a little tired and emotional.

  10. Truth in the News

    The needs to be a warning in the Indo rags that they carry news items
    that are lets say inspired and spurious, are best fake, perhaps that
    doyen of editorial prominence one Stephen Rea might sort out fact from
    fiction… Tony O’Reilly once said – Full Stop:

  11. Karl Marcks

    Amazing the number of people who’ll believe bullpoo statements from RUC man Drew Harris, the who now owns all the balaclavas in Ireland.

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