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  1. newsjustin

    I’m really happy about my very good, long-standing friends Pat and Frances’ Euro millions win.

    1. Giggidygoo

      If they give away millions to friends and family, won’t the recipients be liable for a gift tax?

  2. Johnny

    Can the brits ever stop claiming the irish,it’s Whelan,Paul Whelan.
    ‘His case grew more perplexing on Friday after Ireland became the fourth nation to acknowledge him as a citizen and seek consular access.‘


    Eoin-some great reporting on dems moves to retain sanctions on Oleg Deripaska.
    ‘European nations pleaded with the U.S. to lift the sanctions in particular targeting Rusal, a major global aluminum supplier which Deripaska controls, because the financial punishments against the company had triggered significant increases in aluminum prices worldwide.‘


    1. Shayna

      Perplexing? American/Canadian/British/Irish identity – ex US Marine, it would appear he has all the credentials of CIA – except, he’s quite huge, no Jason Bourne thing going on there. I think the Russians may have fupped up in this instance.

      1. Eoin

        I see the patsies at the Irish branch of British papers are already wheeling out the propaganda.

        “He is being held in the notorious Lefortovo prison, once used for torture and interrogation by Stalin’s secret police.”

        Right, so when the Charleton Tribunal resumes at Dublin castle, will the reporting say it was once used for torture and interrogation by Britain’s occupying forces.

        Also, can’t Ireland stop someone who has three other national passports from applying for an Irish passport? If this guy is spying for the US, it’s pretty repugnant he would hide under the skirt of neutral Ireland.

        1. Shayna

          “Neutral Ireland?” I flew to Jersey (the channel isles – not the new one) I was detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1972 – again I was detained in Cyprus, because of my Irish passport. The Irish Embassy/Consulate made a call.
          Maybe his Irish thing could work and get him the beejaysis out of there?

          1. anne

            Did you roll your eyes to following questions or say ye asked me this last time? What is the nature of your trip? How long do you intend on staying? Did you pack your bags yourself? :-)

          2. f_lawless

            but if he’s guilty of espionage, why shouldn’t he face justice?
            Interesting perspective from Alex Mercouris, who suspects he probably was a spy caught in a sting operation – The fact the American embassador went immediately to visit him after his detention; that the Russian authorities have specifically stated that they ‘caught him in the act’ ; travelling back and forth to Russia; etc..

          3. Eoin

            Well, neutral as far as US-Russia relations are concerned. Mind you, that neutrality is chipped away at by the frequency of US military aerial transit through Shannon, the collective EU punishment of Russia for the Skripal poisoning and the collective EU sanctions on Russia after the Crimea/DPR/LPR business in 2014.

            If this fupper is guilty of spying, I hope the Russians throw the book at him and that the ambassador Crawford is summoned here in Ireland to give him an earbashing for abusing an Irish passport, much like the Israelis did in Dubai in 2010.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          …anyone know how he got the Irish passport? I know, you can buy one or by some other means but, is it known how this guy got one? …jus’ curious.

      2. johnny

        The Independent has it on front page, he has been described as a pawn by Jeremy Hunt.The Irish citizen angle is intriguing.
        “The Embassy of Ireland in Moscow has requested consular access to an Irish citizen currently detained in Russia after receiving a request for assistance.”

        1. anne

          What will the Irish authorities do for him? Send him on a box of Barrys & a 6 pack of taytoes? Do we have any Russian speaking officials even..would Constantin Whatshisname be available maybe?

          1. Johnny

            Trinity estimated that over 100 Billion was laundered sorry passed through the IFC-since 2007 to Russian companies.
            GLTK alone has over 1 Billion of securities listed in Ireland.
            Breen has visited recently,so there is strong economic and diplomatic ties,but the US is expected swap him for Butina.

            ‘I also believe that maintaining dialogue and contact at national level with countries with whom we do not always agree is not only necessary, but is the very essence of Ireland’s approach to foreign policy. Our concerns over Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine impacts on the nature of such cooperation, but we believe it is important to keep channels of communication open and to develop our trade relations in the areas and sectors where trade is still possible. Trade relations, and promotion of Irish trade, is not a reward for good behaviour. It is a priority activity to support Irish jobs and livelihoods.‘


    2. Eoin

      Thanks Johnny, with the democrats now in control of House of Representatives, does that mean the threat of sanctions on Rusal (owner of the aluminium refinery plant in Limerick which employs 450 directly, and which would be shut down in a month if US sanctions were imposed because no-one could supply or buy from it without themselves being sanctioned).

      According to recent reports in the British papers (Telegraph mostly) Deripaska is amongst six Russian oligarchs who are targets for its intelligence services. He is being linked to machinations in Balkan countries which are considering going over to the dark side (Nato).

      1. johnny

        Schumer released a statement (link in NYT piece) this is where we are.

        “The formal review process is underway. The Banking and Foreign Relations committees are assessing the terms of the agreement, and the documents that have been provided by Treasury. But time is short, and if we did not introduce a resolution today we would have been overtaken by events, since any resolution must be pending in committee for ten days before it is subject to discharge to the full Senate. So today I am introducing such a resolution. I do so not because I have concluded that Congress should act to disapprove this agreement — I have not made that determination yet — but to preserve the procedural option of moving to bring up such a resolution at the end of the review process, if necessary, for expedited review and a vote by the full Senate.”


  3. :-Joe

    Although curious, I resisted the bait to click..

    The washington post and the daily beast are both rags…

    Not worth the pixels they’re displayed on…


    1. johnny

      There are 450 jobs in Limerick affected by it-DB broke it- NYT added to it, I try not link only paywall.
      Donohoe recently discussed it with Mnuchin,intense lobbying effort by Irish govt regarding the Aughinish Alumina plant.

      “Since sanctions targeting the business interests of certain Russian individuals were announced in April, the Government has engaged extensively with the US administration to outline the risks these measures posed to Aughinish Alumina and to work towards a solution which safeguarded the company’s future and the livelihoods of those employed there,” said Tánaiste Simon Coveney.
      “Today’s announcement is therefore a very welcome return on the intensive efforts made to protect Aughinish Alumina and the many jobs that are sustained and supported by the firm.”


      “The Treasury Department’s justification for the sanctions noted that, in addition to Mr. Deripaska’s connections to the Russian government, he had been accused of having ties to organized crime; committing extortion, racketeering and bribery; and even ordering the killing of a rival businessman.”


  4. Giggidygoo

    So how is it that the gardai can arrest almost 1000 people and just 10% have been found to be over the limit? The limit is so low, how would there be a suspicion that the other 90% were over the limit?
    Those 90% basically were detained and were denied their freedom despite their innocence.
    So, is it a training issue, or is it faulty equipment that has caused this?

    1. Mickey Twopints

      “One in 10 arrested by gardaí during the morning was found to have alcohol or drugs in their system.” Could it be a typo? If it was “One in ten tested…” it might make more sense, non?

      1. Giggidygoo

        Could be true. However, I was breathalised a few years ago. I’d had a pint 30 minutes before. Garda said that I was lucky as the concentration was low. So I would have registered alcohol, but the breathalyzers obviously have a meter of some sort.

  5. Mickey Twopints

    “Twice the number of people die from radon than from road crashes”

    Have the Examiner handed the subeditor desk over to a transition year student?

  6. Eoin

    Looks like the Indo has settled on its front page formula for 2019 – “House prices to rise”, “House prices to fall”, “House prices affordable”, “House prices unaffordable” or “Pssssst, interesting in buying or selling a house, of course you are, then buy or click on this”. They’ve given up caring really.

    Interesting also to see the same crime story (by Donegal freelancer Stephen Maguire) on the front pages of the Mail and Indo. The Indo in particular is slipping, previously the killing of an attractive (model, actress) young woman would have them unleashing their star crime reporters and the picture on the front page would be expanded to include far more cleavage. No, the Indo isn’t trying to climb to some higher moral ground, they just don’t have the resources (unless it’s a political story, or story with related political impact), and their dozy pic editor missed a beat on the (cleavage-less) photo.

  7. Lilly

    Marian Finucane should retire or be fired. Shocking puff piece of an interview with UAE Sheik’s wife. Pre-recorded, it should not have been broadcast. Bride Rosney calling in a favour in bid to smooth the waters for Mary Robinson, no doubt. It failed spectacularly.

    1. Eoin

      If you want to shovel poo into the Irish public perception, there’s no better vehicle than Marian. 350,000 audience on the weekend and a clueless presenter still coasting on some long-gone journalistic reputation, who will readily provide you with a pre-recorded platform, so you can prepare answers with the potential to edit responses.

      I am not saying Marian receives a reward or tokens of affection for gate-keeping her guests and their angles, but she certainly does have a role that would be very valuable to one who was unscrupulous.

      Marian’s Montrose Services Limited was paid €300,617 by loss-making RTE in 2016. RTE made a loss of €19.4 million in 2016.

      1. topsy

        Eoin, you’re very hard on ‘poor’ Marian. Afterall she has stopped coughing and splutter on the show. Must have given up the fags. In fairness she is a great representative of the D4 class.

      2. Dub Spot

        Mespil Road Flats. The original of the scandal species. Guess who’s in there with the rest – Finucane. However, she is immune to social media criticism of the #marian stuffed blouse performance every weekend. Just stop listening to this relaxed fit Official Ireland sh!te.

      3. Lilly

        This is a serious. Our national broadcaster is tacitly endorsing the abduction and false imprisonment of an Emerati woman by facilitating this pre-recorded guff. When did RTE become a mouthpiece for the UAE royal family? Such an abuse of the public broadcasting charter on behalf of Mary Robinson.

        1. Eoin

          Week-in, week-out, Marian is lamenting the latest killing in the struggle between the Kinahan and Hutch organised crime gangs. The Kinahans are based in Dubai. Did Marian just forget to ask the wife of the ruler of Dubai whether she was comfortable with providing a home to the Kinahans. After all, Marian is a €300,000 a year journalist at RTE.

          1. Lilly

            And if Mary Robinson had an ounce of integrity – or belief in the rightness of what she involved herself in – she would have been on that radio programme herself defending her actions.

            I would like to spray paint in red the front of the UAE embassy on Pembroke Road with the words: ‘Free Latifa’.

    1. Jackdaw

      Anne you just can’t help yourself can you. What kind of Garda presence do you expect in a tiny village of 200 people in a remote area of Donegal. Look what happened Tony Golden when he went into a situation like that on his own. You’re like a stuck record with your constant sniping. Grow up.

      1. anne

        Look what happened your man so keep eating your donuts is it? Right.

        Nearest Garda station was 8 km away.

        She called for help..help arrived almost 30 mins later. 2 babies are left without their mother now.


        1. Eoin

          + 1

          27 minutes (if you believe the reports today, which will be based on info provided by the Gardai and in 2019, you’d take that info with a big pinch of salt) to respond to a “terrified” woman with two young children in the house.

          And then three hours from arrival to arrest the suspect, who apparently gave one Garda a bit of a beating.

          Surprised the Dublin media hasn’t been all over this story. But if the Gardai have screwed up yet again, perhaps not so surprising at all.

      2. Cathal

        It’s not remote. East Donegal is heavily populated and Killygordon is only five minutes from Ballybofey and fifteen from Lifford and it’s less than a mile from the Tyrone border. No gaurds at night, especially after New Year .

      3. Mickey Twopints


        Speaking of people getting shot.

        Any word on your colleague who shot an unarmed citizen in the leg there a few weeks ago? Did they ever find a dog? Has his friend paid the mechanic yet?

        So many questions.

    1. SOQ

      profound and long term effect on the character of the Grand Canal Dock area.

      The entire area outside corps is populated by start-ups who right now, have no idea what a timeline is. A presented MS project timeline = heads turning sideways. Primavera P6 = Calpol by the bottle.

  8. George

    Last week the Indo front page was lamenting that house prices might not increase as much in 2019 as in 2018. Now they are lamenting that houses are unaffordable….

  9. Dub Spot

    Anyone miss “Ollie Cromwell” being listed in the “Latest Comments” section whenever they hit the broadsheet.ie site?

    No, didn’t think so either.

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