2 Beds, 1 Sofa, 7 Vacancies, 1 Current Tenant, €45,000 A Year


Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Rajesh has a 2-bed apartment with ‘7 vacancies’ and 1 current tenant, yet photos show 2 beds and a sofa. Bedshare? Charging in excess of €3,700 per month, €45k per year. Over 50% going rate for 2-bed in Custom House Square.

Custom house square, Lowyer mayer street, IFSC, Dublin 1, Dublin City Centre (Daft.ie)


Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

“This Rathgar flat has one bedroom with an internal window, suggesting it was a bedsit. For €475pm you get space on the bunkbed.”

44 Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6, South Dublin City, D06 E516 (Daft.ie)


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8 thoughts on “2 Beds, 1 Sofa, 7 Vacancies, 1 Current Tenant, €45,000 A Year

  1. millie st murderlark

    It’s queue.

    Not Que. Learn to spell you shower of fupping morons and stop advertising your stupidity to the rest of the world.

    1. Col

      It’s riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. I would imagine English is not Rajesh’s first language.

  2. Scundered

    “Big demand” and “lots of members” yet still desperately running the advert. It would be fun if someone wore a hidden camera and went for a viewing, to hear the sales pitch.

  3. RT

    Just wow on the first one. What a chancer! Yet he may fill it given the location

    I’m more curious about the Rathgar one as I rent a large double room in a 4 bed house share only 5 mins walk from this place for €675/m (recently up from €650 under the 4% rule).

    Huge variance in D6 area. A quick search on daft.ie today reveals 9 double rooms in house shares available for less than €600/m and more if you move your budget up to €700/m. Of course, I get that everyone’s own budget comes into play and this room share is sub-€500, but it pays to do extensive research on the highs and lows of an area. Often a room may come up in a house share that is under a lease that’s on the 4% p/a rental price cap.

    Assuming splitting the rent on the second one is 50:50, that means it’s likely at least €950 for the entire flat, which sounds OK for a one bed in a nice area like Rathgar. My only reference for a one bed rental is my brother and his gf paying €1,200 for a one bed apartment (newer & bigger than this one) in Mount Brown D8. Of course the total rent on this one could be more given a split between a double/single bunk, maybe up to €1,200. My guess is that flat was being shared with a partner, or possibly friend(s), before and the person is trying to get someone in ASAP so they don’t have to give up that flat, which has become unaffordable for them solo.

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