“Who Are They Trying To ‘Protect’ Here?”


Claire McGettrick tweetz:

A tiny sample of the pages which Tusla redacted in my adoption file before sending to me. I’m happily reunited with my mother for over 25 years, so who are they trying to ‘protect’ here? Adopted people are being left behind in so-called modern Ireland #EndSecrecyNow #Stand4Truth


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10 thoughts on ““Who Are They Trying To ‘Protect’ Here?”

  1. Tom

    Who are the ones doing the redacting? Gemma O’D is spewing racism now on her youtube channel regularly. You pushed her daily for months so surely now it’s time to make a statement distancing yourself from her.

  2. postmanpat

    The staff in Tulsa are zombie blood cells stumbling around the retarded super organism. “that’s how I was trained” “computer says no” etc. In these organizations, if you show independent thought you will be swarmed by managerial white zombie blood cells. It is better to just keep the head down . clock in .follow the rule book, clock out. get paid. a little bit of a raise every year..eh ..kill me now!!!

    1. Macconnait

      In fairness I’ve worked in places like that. Management push the hard decisions to underlings, who get mercilessly hammered if things go bad. After getting stung a few times one realizes it’s better to just stick to the stated rules and cover your own.

  3. Joe Small

    Is this like an FOI request where legislative reasons are required for each and every redaction and internal reviews and external appeals are allowed?

  4. curmudgeon

    Christ that’s scandalous, I hope they share this far and wide. Our state institutions are opaque by design and there is no accountablilty, utterly unaccaptable.

  5. Cian

    As with a lot of issues there are conflicting rights at play.

    The child has rights. But the parents have rights too.

    So if a file contains, say, medical details from the mother, then the mother’s privacy trumps the child’s right to see “everything Tusla knows about her”.

    I don’t know what was redacted here – and it is possibly totally excessive…. But I also know that there are some very good reasons to redact some information.

  6. H

    This is bizarre, I imagine under GDPR that her mother can request unredacted versions, as they are personal data about her.

    It also makes me want to request my files, which I’m not that interested in, but now want to see what I would get.

    1. Cian

      This is probably true – but the daughter’s bits would be redacted from the mother’s file.

      I wonder can you send a dual-request and get all info?

  7. Eoin

    Were these redacted pages all the advertisements from the Sisters of Charity, which traded under different names in Ireland, trying to sell Claire?

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