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Claire McGettrick tweetz:

A tiny sample of the pages which Tusla redacted in my adoption file before sending to me. I’m happily reunited with my mother for over 25 years, so who are they trying to ‘protect’ here? Adopted people are being left behind in so-called modern Ireland #EndSecrecyNow #Stand4Truth



US Republican Party strategist Karl Rove discusses Denis O’Brien, Digicel and Haiti on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News during an item on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation..

Seems fair and balanced.


Meanwhile: More Clinton Shenanigans In Haiti (Wall Street Journal)



Judge Donal Binchy’s written judgment released today giving his reasons for granting an injunction to Denis O’Brien and Irish Bank Resolution Corporation against RTÉ.

Court issues written judgment on O’Brien injunction (RTÉ)

“What is particularly curious is that Deputy Murphy is persistent in her claims even though I have made clear that what she is saying is untrue and she has repeatedly made erroneous and untruthful statements about my banking relationship.”

Denis O’Brien yesterday.


A selection of excerpts from the Moriarty Tribunal findings around falsified documents involving [redacted] and co.

What paragraph?

The ultimate buyer of Siteserv was one of the largest debtors of IBRC. His loans had expired and he had apparently written to Kieran Wallace in his role as Special Liquidator seeking the same terms IBRC had allowed him which was to pay off his loans in his own time and at the same low interest rate.

That one.

Denis O’Brien Granted Reporting Restriction In RTÉ Transaction (Irish Times)

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