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Master of the High Court Ed Honohan

Orla writes:

Why is the mainstream media making a big deal about [Master of the High Court] Ed Honohan breaking internal windows in the courts (for ventilation).

This nothing story (not even novel on a whimsical level) made the front page of the Sunday Times and large parts of Mr Honohan’s interview with Sean O’Rourke [RTE Radio 1] this morning was taken up with it…SOR also seemed to take a swipe at him for [Honohan] involving himself in helping draw up a bill for[FF TD]  John McGuinness in regards to housing…

Am I missing something else here or is this story simply payback for Mr Honohan’s support for housing activists both inside and outside the courts? Pretty sad if this is all they have on him.

Master of High Court defends breaking courtroom windows (RTÉ)

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  1. realPolithicks

    When a prominent member of the establishment (apparently) goes (a bit) rogue the rest of them rally round to clamp down on them. If he doesn’t get back into line soon, you’ll be reading a series of increasingly serious allegations against him.

  2. Barry the Hatchet

    Oh put your tinfoil hat back on. It’s a news story because it’s totally outrageous behaviour from an officer of the court. If he was a random scrote and not Master of the High Court, he’d have been charged with criminal damage.

  3. Lilly

    The Master of the High Court has always been mad as a hatter. As you would be if you had to deal with tedious procedural applications day in, day out.

  4. Truth in the News

    What should be done here is to prosceute the Courts Service and the OPW on their
    the first for neglect to provide proper working conditions in the Masters Office and
    the latter a Health and Safety inspection to force the OPW to comply with the Law.
    In fact is the Four Courts a safe working environment, as to RTE, it would be long
    time where any of them broke a window to let in fresh air….even if there is a stench
    about the place.

    1. Gertrude

      +1 Truth. He’s entitled to work in a safe working environment. Barry should do a stint in a B.O. ridden sweatbox, the little sheep.

      1. Barry the Hatchet

        Lol, I regularly work in the courts, Gerty. They’re not that bad. And there’s no excuse for smashing up a listed building.

        1. Gertrude

          Bazza, there’s plenty of reason if the stifling, stale air is as nauseating as described by Mr Honohan. Why hadnt the dinosaurs with clout rectified the problem, when he first reported it? You’re not as wild as your name suggests, pity…

  5. Dub Spot

    It’s payback via the cosy legal/journo consensus in this country. Other than Shane Ross, Ed’s easily the most unpopular person in the legal hierarchy in Ireland. On the other hand, perhaps he was improving access to the courts.


    This Master of the high court is nothing more than a jumped up civil servant administrator who regularly acts outside his powers. The title sounds oh so uppity and important. It’s not. Far from it. And he’s not. At most he’s a pain in the ass. Most barristers wouldn’t be seen dead in front of him.

  7. Joe Small

    My office gets stuff all the time and the windows don’t open. I won’t be bringing in a hammer to work though.
    Also, I’m not sure as he’s not a regular civil servant, but there’s something improper about someone on the government payroll, meant to act impartially, drafting legislation for opposition parties.

  8. Jimjam

    Court official takes hammer to state property and causes €340 damage in a fit of pique! Great story unless you’re a huge Honohan fan.

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