Cut The Strings


This morning.

Government Buildings.

Sinn Féin Housing spokesperson Eoin Ó Broin TD launching a mobile billboard on the housing crisis

Mr Ó Broin said:

“Last year, when we tabled our motion of no confidence in [Housing] Minister Eoghan Murphy, we made it clear that both he and the Governments failing housing plan [Rebuilding ireland] had to go if there was to be any chance of tackling the housing crisis.

It now appears that the Taoiseach is concerned than his colleagues’ failures are reflecting badly on him. There are ever growing murmurings from Fine Gael backbenchers and cabinet sources that the Taoiseach’s relationship with Minister Murphy has soured and that the Minister for Housing is set to be moved.

Replacing Eoghan Murphy, but leaving Rebuilding Ireland in place, will change nothing. Rebuilding Ireland is as much Leo Varadkar’s housing plan as it is Minister Murphy’s. Its failures are as much, if not more so, the Taoiseach’s failings as that of his cabinet colleague.”

Varadkar’s Housing Plan has to go – Ó Broin (Sinn Féin)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

23 thoughts on “Cut The Strings

  1. Joe Small

    Eoghan Murphy is making a hash of it but I don’t think for a moment that Eoin O Broin would be any better.

    1. dav

      the “better the devil you know” argument, amongst the electorate, that has led the country to the state it’s in – unwilling to provide housing for it’s people…

          1. Eoin

            If the Shinners do have the solutions, how come in Northern Ireland, according to the latest statistics “In total, 4,914 households presented as homeless to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive during April – June 2018. This is an increase of 264 (5.7%) on the same quarter in 2017 (4,650). The household types with the highest proportion of homeless presenters during April – June 2018 were families (32.5%) and single males (31.3%). The age group with the highest number of presenters for both single males and single females was the 26 to 59 age group with 1,113 and 511 presenters respectively.”

            These 4,914 households could well have more than 10,000 individuals (eg 1 household = 1 family = 2 adults and 2 children) who are homeless in the Republic and the North is teeny-tiny. They were in government there for a decade.


          2. dav

            Well apparently it doesn’t really matter what he does or proposes to do, for some he’s not the “right sort” and must be shunned

        1. Johnny

          Your not really conflating the housing situation in NI with the crisis in RI ?
          In general you come across as quite bright,but that is complete nonsense,slow day reading and summarizing what’s already in the newspapers….

          ‘The most common reason reported by full duty applicants for their current situation was that their accommodation was not reasonable ‘

          1. Eoin

            Read their alternative budget for housing in the Republic. It’s peeing in the wind (or hurricane) of the housing crisis.And as plans go, they have a dismal record of delivering (cough, Narrow Water Bridge, cough)


            Eoin O’Broin approach is to bow before the housing charities (Focus Ireland especially) and charge them with solving the crisis. Much like Louise O’Reilly tries to ingratiate herself with the unions to solve the health crisis. When they’re in power, as they were in Northern Ireland for many years, they simply don’t deliver and they need to be called out on it.

          2. johnny

            Yesterday it was Cubans on the falls road and lotteries,some regulars on here due to your overly personalized attacks (HRH Leo) on FG threw some shade on you as a possible SF supporter, its clear you dislike all things Irish.

            The overly personally distain for ALL irish political parties,politicians and pretty much the entire media, could lead someone to think its your intention is to spread discontent and stir up trouble Vlad.

            The interest you had in sanctions against Russia and its oligarchy was poorly masked by faux concern for the ‘workers’.

            Reason number 5 in your link is not liking the neighbors,by all means SF should be held to account, but you’re overly personalized attacks on politicians and bizarre fascination with organized crime diminishes your points.

    2. Col

      What worries me is not that Murphy is not making it any better, but that it continues to get worse, month after month after month under his watch.
      How much failure should we tolerate before he is removed?

      1. Iwerzon

        I am not a card carrying Shinner or aligned to any political party for that matter but I have to say that Eoin Ó’Broin is far more qualified than Murphy. He has been working on the ground with regards housing issues and other social matters for probably 15yrs. I’d give him a go at the job in the morning. And, I might add, I’d give Pearse a stab at finance as he was the only politician to actually present a balanced budget properly in the last ten years.

    3. Andrew

      Do you know anything about Eoghan Murphy’s ‘career’ to date? I don’t. His bio is very sketchy. I think he worked in some UN organisation and the Dep.t of Foreign Affairs but no real detail. Other than that there is no evidence of any real job.
      Then again O’Broín has never had a job outside politics.
      Both privately school educated, southside Dubliners.

      1. Col

        “privately school educated, southside Dubliners”
        Who gives a poo? They should be judge on their performance, education and place of birth are irrelevant.

      2. Djinn Genie

        He spent five years in college (2000-2005) and one year travelling (2005-2006). His political career started with a seat on DCC in 2009, so his external career was only around three years from 2006-2009. It consisted of a short stint working for the UNIDIR in Geneva, then for the DFA, then two years as a speechwriter/advisor to the Executive Secretary of the CTBTO in Vienna (2007-2009).

  2. rotide

    As usual when it comes to anything housing related, not a single mention of why things are bad or what to do about it.

    1. Jonjo

      You don’t need solutions, just need to shout about problems. That’s enough to get you your likes and shares.

    2. Nigel

      Seriously. The only intelligent commentary on this I’ve heard recently is that no amount of new building will solve the problem since nobody wants to sell their existing houses and realise big capital losses because of the hugely inflated prices they paid for them. Mind you, he didn’t have any suggestion for how the government could deal with it, but he did point out the futility of most efforts while it’s still ongoing. I have never, ever heard any politician mention this side of things, but I do glaze over a lot when they start to talk about it for fear of losing the will to live.

  3. Jake38

    The 2 journos and 1 cameraman present at this launch just about sum up the importance of this latest Shinner gimmick.

  4. david

    I am a rude ignorant bully. I have been asked by the owners of this site to stop commenting but I won’t.

    1. Iwerzon

      You are either delusional or silly. Corbyn has even more drastic proposals for the UK than the Shinners have proposed for here. So, you think wealthy corporations and high value individuals will abandon the UK when he gets into #10. HK was never about to ‘change back to China’s rule’ It is an SAR (Special Administrative Region) and remains as Capitalist a place as ever I have lived.

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