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Yellow Vest protestors in Paris last Saturday

Lara Marlowe (Irish Times’ Paris Correspondent) informs us that gilets jaunes (yellow vest) protesters deeply distrust the media and regard journalists as part of the elite (“Yellow vests’ reactionary and populist traits not just a French problem”, Analysis, January 14).

This distrust is understandable, given the smug leftist bubble that the modern media inhabits.

Indeed, she reported only last week that “virtually everyone I know likes Macron and detests the gilets jaunes ” (“Yellow vest riots are too close to home for city-dwelling elites”, Paris Letter, January 9).

Karl Martin
Dublin 13.

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  1. f_lawless

    There’s too much confusion surrounding terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ these days. How is Laura Marlowe’s article ‘leftist’? She’s just repeating the right wing globalist/corporatist establishment narrative.

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