Once More Unto The Breach


More as we get it.

Brexit vote LIVE (The Guardian)



Thanks Ted

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5 thoughts on “Once More Unto The Breach

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Yes, put the pressure on the EU to come up with a solution to their crisis in three days.
    Just like they instructed Ireland yesterday to prepare to carry out checks at their border with Europe.
    You can see how Britain built a successful service-based industry based on global outsourcing and supply chain management.

  2. bisted

    …nobody personified ‘they need us more than we need them’ better than David Davis but it’s great to see perfidious albion squirming…

  3. Eoin

    UK doesn’t have an Air Force One. Why stop there at the fantasy though, if Theresa May does win tonight’s vote she might as well put a toy helicopter cap on her head and run up and down the palace of Westminster bawling “nee naw” or something equally nebulous, it will be as productive as more face time with Jean Claude.

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