‘This Is The End Of The McBully’


The chips were down.

But they never gave up.

“We knew when we took on this battle that it was a David versus Goliath scenario but just because McDonald’s has deep pockets and we are relatively small in context doesn’t mean we weren’t going to fight our corner.

The original objective of our application to cancel was to shine a light on the use of trademark bullying by this multinational to stifle competition.

We have been saying for years that they have been using trademark bullying. They trademarked the SnackBox, which is one of Supermac’s most popular products, even though the product is not actually offered by them.

This is the end of the McBully.”

Supermac’s managing director Pat McDonagh this morning following an EU judgement against McDonald’s having protected use of the Big Mac trademark .


Read the judgement here

Supermac’s wins trademark case against McDonald’s (RTÉ)


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20 thoughts on “‘This Is The End Of The McBully’

  1. postmanpat

    Mc-This and Mac-That feeling the pinch if the consumers new years resolutions. Put out a statement to gain media traction which will benefit all the Mc’s . A real David vs Goliath feel good story that the plebs will eat up! . I’m so glad the owners of Supermacs will get wealthier now. Fair play for the media for bring this to my attention . Good old Donald Trump’s at it too. God, people are stupid!! Wall St traders are swing trading away in January. Good times!

  2. Ironballs_McGinty

    I’m still waiting for him to get the naming rights for Mountjoy so we’ll have our first Supermacs Prison.

      1. Martco

        funny, I have often thought in the relative absence of any indigenous industry here that one area we could excel in would be the business of outsourced prison solutions…say like building a superprison on Lambay that other countries could send their scumbags to, kerching!

        1. rotide

          Do you really believe there is an absence of indigenous industry?

          Do you see all those fields all over the place? Do you think they are decoration?

          1. Martco

            read it again (jesus…are you really an editor?)
            see the bit where I wrote relative absence. relative absence.

            Every other country in Western Europe also has fields all over the place @rotide.

            but I suppose there’s also the oul Aran jumpers, wha?

    1. Fairhill

      Who has ever spontaneously written in support of a Supermacs or a service station, it’s ludicrous, Mc Donald’s should sue Pat Mc Donough for impersonating their clown Ronald

  3. Eoin

    On the day the Donald’s picture in the White House is beamed around the world with the clown standing in front of a wall of Big Mac containers….

    This looks like a really dodgy decision by the EU. Either that or McDonalds should sue the mimsy-tushkin off their legal representatives for failing to adequately prove the daily use of the “Big Mac” brand, all they needed to do was print out a list of transactions from restaurants of orders containing “Big Mac” for fupps sake.

    Pat says today “They trademarked the SnackBox, which is one of Supermac’s most popular products, even though the product is not actually offered by them.” If that is correct, how come Supermac’s didn’t challenge that, and instead challenged the entitlement to the “Big Mac” brand?

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I would have had more respect for Mr. Superman if he dropped this petty case and just called his products ‘burgers’, super or otherwise, which is what they are. Imitation, flattery etc. Be original.

  5. Mighty Mick

    I love Supermacs.

    I think they hold a place that should NOT be be relented to McD or BK.


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