Old logo

New logo

This afternoon.

Dublin Airport.

Aer Lingus unveils its new – faintly garish (torquise?) – logo, branding and livery at a press event in Dublin Airport.

Two million lids apparently.

Flight! Fight!

Refreshed Aer Lingus brand includes new shamrock logo (RTÉ)

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45 thoughts on “Refresh Aer

      1. Cian

        “the entire thing”? as in re-painting all the planes? and updating the website, and buying new headed paper? the whole thing?

        or just what was paid to the design team.

  1. Paulus

    I remember the previous kerfuffle when they changed the shamrock; they “italicized” it…for want of a better word.

      1. Frank

        The 3rd leaf, that is still attached to the stalk, looks like a sort of a poppy, to me !
        Was it for this etc. ?!?

  2. spider

    This is a cheapened version of the design… specifically produced to be less national and to appeal to a blanket international audience… hence removing the context of national carrier of Ireland.

    I still don’t understand why it couldn’t be sold to Ryanair, but it was a perfectly acceptable to sell to BA…???

    1. Praetorian.

      It didn’t sell to BA…it sold to IAG (International Airline Group) which is an umberella for a number of airlines which includes BA and Iberia…there are eight airlines in its portfolio…its net worth is £22 billion…Ryanair could not have turned Aer Lingus around to the strength these guys have…8 – 12 transatlantic flights per day…and expanding…a great success story.
      fupp Ryanair.

        1. rotide

          it might shock you to learn that Aer Lingus operate a couple of other flights than their transatlatic routes Paul

  3. Starina

    the letters are way too thin. I see what they’re trying to do, though. Make it look like “provincial” and more space-age. Like an off-brand Star Trek, featuring a 3D shamrock hologram.

    1. Dhaughton99

      Dell done the same thing recently. Replaced the bold lettering. It’s absolutely shite looking. I thought the laptop I was looking at was some Chinese knock off. Not to mention the quality of product is now pathetic.

  4. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    Current trend with airlines to go with majority white paint schemes. Significantly cheaper to paint and the added bonus of a fuel saving due to less weight on the aircraft. Don’t like though. Needed more green in my humble opinion.

  5. Praetorian.

    I cant understand why loose so much green…it’s whats expected of the national ‘flag carrier’…people relate to the big green bird.
    Wont warm to that scheme.

  6. Eoineyo

    What else do we expect for a country that’s no longer an Ireland for Irish people, a British owned company, that’s soon to be out of the EU thinks it can bring its millions of migrants here, to take our jobs, homes and women or men (or our non binary beings). Irish Ferries recently moved their biggest ever ferry to Dublin, a son of a Indian run the country and our homeless are now being kicked out of prime homeless spots to be replaced by immigrants. It’s all a conspiracy I tells ye!!

    Seriously though I think it’s kind of nice lol.

      1. Eoineyo

        Lol my story is much more interesting though, although Spain is close to Africa and I’m sure if I thought about little enough I could find a loose connection to illegal immigrants.

  7. Lilly

    The new logo looks a bit old fashioned. Are they deliberately going for a retro look?

    Pity they didn’t say, ‘We had the choice of spending €2 mil on a pointless redesign that nobody would notice or donating the money to the homeless – we chose the latter’.

    I like Aer Lingus; I’d like them more if they displayed some vision.

  8. Chucky R. Law

    The shamrock … blah blah blah … dynamism and speed … blah blah blah … reflecting the warmth and hospitality … blah blah blah … barf.

    1. Lilly

      Be as cynical as you like, but at least when you get on their planes they are pleasant. And you don’t have to deal with that hideous yellow-and blue Ryanair interior.

  9. Shayna

    I think it looks good – you’ve got the whole shamrock and turquoise going on? I did think turquoise was from Turkey, also found in the desert of Nevada USA? I wasn’t aware of Irish turquoise mines. I guess the advertising agencies know more about our mining heritage than we do?

        1. Shayna

          Anyhoos – the plane looks great. Easily identifiable as being from Ireland. Always a tad obvious, harps and shamrocks? What about the saints, scholars, poets and priests?

    1. Pip

      That’s it – you’ve put your finger on it.
      They’re continuing with the naming planes after saints thing, I hear.

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