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Singer Azealia Banks claimed she was banned from Aer Lingus flights following row with stewardess.

The 27-year-old called Irish women ‘ugly‘ and used foul-mouthed racial slurs during the bizarre tirade which she shared on her Instagram story.

The musician removed herself from a morning flight to Dublin, ahead of her sold-out gig at The Academy in the Irish capital on Tuesday.

She claimed she had been ‘banned’ from the airline after accusing a flight attendant of ‘lying’, saying she had been ‘treated like a wild animal’.

Azealia Banks breaks down after claiming she has been BANNED from Aer Lingus flights following row with stewardess… as she makes foul-mouthed racial slurs and brands Irish women ‘UGLY’ (MailOnline)

Azealia Banks

Old logo

New logo

This afternoon.

Dublin Airport.

Aer Lingus unveils its new – faintly garish (torquise?) – logo, branding and livery at a press event in Dublin Airport.

Two million lids apparently.

Flight! Fight!

Refreshed Aer Lingus brand includes new shamrock logo (RTÉ)

This morning.

On an Aer Lingus flight.

Daniel O’Donnell sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to a passenger called Annie who’s celebrating a “milestone” birthday.

Fair play, in fairness.

Via Aer Lingus

 Louise Kennedy with previous Aer Lingus uniforms.

Aer Lingus are ditching the green uniform worn by cabin crew since the foundation of the airline

The new unform has not been unveiled yet. Apologies.

Jessie O Malley writes:

Irish fashion designer Louise Kennedy [who designed the previous green tea’ uniform worn since 1998] was today announced as the designer of the new Aer Lingus uniform.

The new uniform design will launch in Spring 2019 and will be worn by all ground agents and cabin crew.


Further to Ryanair’s meltdown.

Via Aer Lingus:

As a nation of keen travellers there is nothing more disappointing than having your holiday plans cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Over the last few days Aer Lingus has seen record demand for its holiday rescue fares and has today announced an extension of its ‘Happy Winter’ sale with seats to Europe up for grabs this October from as a little as €29.99.

From 01 October – 28 February 2018, Aer Lingus, Ireland’s most punctual airline in and out of Dublin, will operate 100% of its flights to top European destinations.

So nyeh.

Aer Lingus

Yesterday: Saving Public Ryan


Judith Goldberger writes:

So much for a corporate social media policy based on respect for competitors.#amateurhour


Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 13.19.49

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 13.20.12

From top: Dublin Airport; Garda Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll with responsibility for Special Crime Operations speaking to media this morning

Independent.ie reports:

Two Aer Lingus employees were among three men arrested by gardai last night in an investigation into international illegal immigrant smuggling network through Dublin Airport.

The employees are suspected of using catering vehicles to move illegal immigrants directly from planes that landed in Dublin Airport to a car-park outside the facility.

A senior source said that this meant that the illegal immigrants could avoid immigration and security checks at the airport.

Gardai believe that the scam has been ongoing for a number of years and more than 500 people have been smuggled into Ireland this way.”

Aer Lingus employees suspected of ‘using catering vehicles to smuggle immigrants into Ireland’ (Independent.ie)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


Jessie O’Malley writes:

Just in time for Christmas, Aer Lingus has captured the very special journey of three Irish people travelling home for Christmas to the great surprise of their loved ones.


Music: Tim Chadwick – Belong

aer lingus

Hello you.

Brian Carey writes:

I realise you don’t normally do this but I’ve had no luck anywhere else so I thought your readers might be of assistance.

I flew with Aer Lingus on Sunday last ( July 3) from Toulouse to Dublin and left my phone in the seat pocket of seat 7B.

When we contacted Aer Lingus, they were ‘unable’ to ask either the flight crews on the plane or the cleaning crews to see if the phone is still in the pocket.

It has to be found by someone and then logged as lost. So far, no luck, so I would greatly appreciate if you could ask any broadsheet readers who are flying Aer Lingus to check seat pocket 7B (and 7A & 7C just in case), or even better, if anybody knows they are on Aer Lingus plane St Mel, EI-DER, to check the seat pocket.

We know the plane was in Verona today and is going to Pula this evening. Many thanks.