The Ones That Got Away


 Assistant Garda Commissioner  Pat Leahy (left) and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris facing questioning from the Police Authority today after  Mr Harris apologised in public, for the Garda Youth Diversion Programme

This afternoon.

Three quarters of the crimes not properly investigated relate to public order, theft, traffic and criminal damage, but also included are 55 serious crimes, including the rape of a woman, another serious sexual offence and a case of child neglect.

The figures have been published today in a garda report, which reviewed the Youth Referrals Scheme from 2010 to 2017.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris issued a public apology when he appeared before the Policing Authority this afternoon.

Garda report shows 3,500 juveniles not prosecuted for crimes (RTÉ)


19 thoughts on “The Ones That Got Away

  1. Starina

    And in another 5 years they’ll apologise again for the cases which are currently being ignored.

      1. rotide

        Would you like to present us with the equivalent figures from other police forces globally or are you just gonna preach to the choir a bit?

        1. ollie

          Ah Shur once we are not the worst who cares, eh Rotide?

          You might have a different opinion of you were the person who was raped and the rapist let off scott free. Then again sure if it was only the one rape it’s not as bad as other rapists.

          1. rotide

            From your response I’m just going to surmise that you indeed are as completely ignorant as BobbyJ and me of the relevant stats.

            Broadsheet could run a story about the death rate in this country and people like you would be up in arms about what a disgrace the govt are for letting people die.

        2. BobbyJ

          Nah, I’m not gonna present anything. I’m pretty confident most people who read this website have kept abreast of the absolute pooshow that is AGS over the past number of years.

  2. Murtles

    Any wonder there’s junior skangers and scumbags walking around thinking they can do anything they want and get away with it because, according to this, they can.

    1. Cian

      We need to look at the whole justice system.

      If the Gardaí are bringing “junior skangers and scumbags” to court, and the judges are letting them go, then it is a waste of the Garda time (and people’ll be giving out that a Garda is sitting waiting to go into court when she should be out fighting crime). Until we have a solution to the judicial outcome, then we need to be careful at pointing the finger at the Gardaí. ’tis a bigger issue.

      Noe:: I’m not saying we should simply ignore this – we do need to look at the big picture and fix the actual problem – not the symptom. And this comment isn’t excusing the lack of investigating of the serious crimes – that is 100% wrong.

      1. Steph Pinker

        Cian, you’re an algorithm. Yourself and Rob_G must be really enjoying the snow and chocolates in Belgium courtesy of the Irish taxpayer – via FG, en route to Davos.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            “And this comment isn’t excusing the lack of investigating of the serious crimes” .. ah, yes, Cian who works for the government. Only the serious crimes. you can, of course! excuse the lack of following up on smaller crimes.

          2. Cian

            If you read my post you’d see my rational for that statement. If a Garda can choose which crimes to investigate – is the point of spending hours and hours investigating a particular crime, arresting someone, releasing them, talking to DPP, going to court, … and seeing them walk away with just another conviction. In that scenario they (and we) are better off investigating the crime that is most likely to make a change. Perhaps we need to make processing the smaller crimes more efficient?

            I was saying this is a small part of a larger problem, and we need to fix the bigger problem.

  3. realPolithicks

    What a farce, this corrupt and incompetent force should be disbanded and a new one formed similar to what happened with the psni.

    1. Jackdaw

      Have you any original thoughts or you just going to repeat any old poop you’ve heard on here before. The differences policing requirements between here and up north are so dramatically different for that to work.

  4. Frank

    I have to say, was it just me or, did yer man Drew Harris sound TOTALLY peed off making this announcement and apology ? I know it was bad news etc., but..

  5. Gertrude

    Send him back from whence he came, we’ve enough clowns playing cops as it is, without this ringmaster.

  6. Dr.Fart MD

    i’ve been burgaled, mugged twice, and assaulted. and never have the cops done anything about it. in fact, on the second mugging, my phone was taken and i found a guard on the street and he was talking down the details and then at the end he said “but maybe theres a 2 percent chance you lost it?” and i said no, he said “but 2%, there must be that chance at least” so i said “well, yea 2% maybe, but i didnt lose it” and that was enough for him, closed his little book and fupped off, never heard a report or anything. When i got burgaled they told me they know who it is, but said they cant do anything unless they catch them in the act. so they werent guna do anything unless they actually were in the house and could see him breaking in. i think when the recession came in, lots of people who lost their jobs, but the guards were hiring, so lots of people became guards just for a pay packet. so i think we have loads of guards who never wanted to be guards.

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