Not Fit To Hold A Candle


Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

This studio opposite Fibbers advertised on @facebook for 4 people at €375pm each. 2 obviously have to bedshare. The kitchen doesn’t meet Min Standards. Difficult to verify. Why is property being advertised on @facebook

When will it ever end?



Yesterday: Studio Flat, Two Bunk-Beds, Four People

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9 thoughts on “Not Fit To Hold A Candle

  1. SOQ

    Very valid point about new jobs. Only going to leave a bad situation even worse.

    Why do all these companies need to be in Dublin?

  2. The Old Boy

    All of the ads shown on these pages are unhinged, but a two things in particular strike me about them, namely that the posters generally have a tenuous grasp of English and that they tend to be in down-at-heel parts of the city.

    Are these tenant sub-lettings? Are all the half-decent househares that once proliferated in Stillorgan, Ranelagh, Rathmines, Phibsborough etc now gone? Are most reasonable tenancies now passed on by word of mouth, from one renter to another, without them ever coming on the open market?

    1. SOQ

      I expect that in cases like this, where the tenancy is illegal, it has to be by word of mouth or at least not through the official advertising channels.

      1. missred

        The smell would be rotten, but I’m also imagining a Battle Royale / Hunger Games style situation occurring with such an awful lack of privacy and space

  3. SOQ

    It is classic immigrant accommodation mind. I seen irish living in similar if not worst in London 25 years ago. Difference was, it was cheap.

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