Studio Flat, Two Bunk-Beds, Four People


Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

472 NCR ‘Little flat,’ a studio with 2 bunk-beds. €390pm. 4 people living in a one bed poorly maintained studio for €1,560pm. #BunkBedCity #LeosIreland #MurphysMess #RaiseTheRoof

472 north circular road, Dublin 1 (

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9 thoughts on “Studio Flat, Two Bunk-Beds, Four People

  1. Debbie Beanbags

    For twice that amount, I get (my own) double bed in a two-bed flat with two floors and one other person (in the other room) in Zone 1 London. I can walk to Big Ben, London Bridge and Waterloo in 10-15 minutes. If I don’t fancy walking, I can take the 24 hour tube. I don’t meant to be braggy, but just what the actual fudge has Dublin come to.

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