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    1. scottser

      It’s called male pattern baldness frilly, it won’t bother you any time soon. Leo has a good crop tho in fairness

    2. rotide

      Thats nice Frilly. In the interest of exposing double standards..

      Leo at 40 has less body weight
      Than Frilly at 50

      Just saying

      1. Frilly Keane

        Dunno ’bout that now
        But one thing he has that’ll be hard bate

        He gets to collect a diamond studded benchmarked 6 figure pension for life and beyond (half)
        At 50

        Probably gets a driver and security with that too
        Yourself and Cian normally have those answers

        BTW were ye at his 40th anyway
        Any good?

          1. Frilly Keane

            Since you were fierce quick to introduce a comparison of his personal assets at 40 v mine at 50
            51 now

            Why wouldn’t his personal assets at 50 not deserve mention also

            Or were ya hoping a troop of trolls would lob in behind ya before I got back t’ ya

  1. SOQ

    The inferred threat today appears to be that if there is a second vote and the brixeters don’t get their way, they will riot. This is democracy apparently, or bullying.

    May appears to be stuck in some sort of paralysis right now but the more steam the no no deal gathers, the more likely the Tories are to split. Britain appears to be heading for a constitutional crisis where a cross party parliament wrestles control from the government, and what happens then is anyone’s guess.

    1. dav

      Your description of may is akin to the Titanic’s Captain after she hit the iceberg and started to sink.

    2. Eoin

      “Civil unrest”? Protests, riots, looting, burn buildings, attacks between rival factions, followed by security crackdown, security force split, breakdown in security followed by road blocks, Brexit territory, Leave territory followed by break-up of UK into around six regions, including four in what is now England and Wales.

      All of the conditions for civil war now exist in the UK, it’s just the political-media bubble is so far up its own mimsy-tushkin that it doesn’t realise it because they still think there is a solid political system. They don’t realise how the carry-on in parliament and elsewhere by politicians has destroyed trust. And within the next 66 days, one side or the other is going to have to accept that what they see as democracy isn’t working. Normally a general election would be the valve which would channel away this disillusion, but the fault today is with ALL the politicians, Labour, Tory, Brexit, Leave. How far has trust really broken down? We’ll soon find out.

      For now, enjoy the pantomime in parliament and the zany protesters outside. The clock is ticking, 66,65,64….

      (1) Adopt current draft withdrawal agreement (2) attempt renegotiation with EU of current draft withdrawal agreement (3) Cancel Article 50 notice to leave (4) Seek agreement to extend Article 50 notice to leave (5) Hold a second Brexit referendum (6) Call general election (7) No-deal Brexit crash-out

      1. Cian

        I was on Facebook yesterday and saw some of the pro-Brexit pages. There is an unimaginable amount of lies being spread. I saw one particular post (that included some 22 ‘facts’ about the Lisbon treaty) that appeared multiple times from multiple posters. There is a huge swell of discontent about the EU buoyed up by the lies and mistruths about what the EU has done.

        Here is a link to a site that shows the 22 ‘facts’ https://tompride.wordpress.com/2018/12/15/leavers-already-campaigning-to-win-second-referendum-on-social-media-with-even-worse-lies-than-before/.

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    wow jim daly is as brain dead as he looks. christ. “my plan is to let anybody drive around unregulated to act as renegade taxis who answer to no one”

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        yea, theyre regulated tho. they have a higher body to answer to. Jim’s just talkin about allowing any jackass with a car to go out and pick people up willy nilly. without regulation that’s a disaster.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            well theyre businesses. they have things in place to ensure everyones safe and covered. if something happened to you in an uber, its traceable, you;re secure, the drivers trips are all digitally accounted for, so no one can do anything without being caught easily. but the Jim Daly model, ho ho, yea, jimmy down the road saw ya wobblin out the pub, he’ll give you a lift home. no one knows he’s there. ur the only one who saw him. not traceable. why do i have to explain this? use ur logical minds.

          2. Rob_G

            All of the issues you raise could be solved by Uber launching in rural areas. Jimmy down the road could download the app – he would be readily identifiable to all of his passengers, and all of his income would be recorded, which would facilitate tax compliance, too.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        holy moley that is awful waffle. and the whole thing bangs of “the lady doth protest too much” .. saying he’s not in it for the money, ad naseum, but also clearly fudging the figures to make it seem like pittance, a tenner an hour, but thats coz he said he does over 80 hours a week which is utter nonsense. they go in on wednesday about 2pm, and head off again at 4pm, and done for the week.

          1. Dr.Fart MD

            jaybs! i knew he was an idiot, but didn’t know the full extent of it. A supposed 80 hours a week he’s toiling away in there, then resurfaces, deshevelled and weary “i have it” waving a piece of paper with a crayon drawing “selfie seats!” to which someone asks “was it a problem, was there a problem to solve there?” .. and Jim shuffles back to his office, back to the drawing board. the drawing board which has “blue sky thinking” scrawled across it.

          1. The Old Boy

            Leaves the lavatory seat up? Doesn’t wipe his boots coming in from the rain? Re-uses the same mug without washing it until it’s permanently tea-stained? Regularly hits sixes batting for the other team?

    1. The Old Boy

      Luckily the comment was swiftly removed. While I can understand people think this should be transparent, I cannot understand why they want to cause legal trouble for the site and potentially derail any eventual trial.

  3. Eoin

    The Times Ireland today reports some of the players in the National Broadband Plan will be attending the public accounts committee next month.

    Enet, which will probably be doing much of the work for the last remaining bidder, will be there. No word about Siteserv. One of the two withdrawn bidders will attend, the other has refused. PAC’s scrutiny follows the whitewash that was “independent auditor” Peter Smyth’s report.

    Meanwhile, you need to watch Richard Bruton like a hawk in case he decides to award the €3 billion contract to the group which now includes Denis O’Brien’s Siteserv.

  4. Oily Cromwell

    Memorial to Brit Air Force war criminals artistically adjusted. Couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of terrorists.

  5. johnny

    -29 European countries have legalized medical cannabis in some form.
    -20 of those have decriminalized possession or consumption of personal doses of cannabis.

    “We are witnessing the birth of the U.K. medical cannabis industry, an industry borne out of the unmet clinical needs of patients across the country,” said Marc Wayne, co-managing director of the venture, called Spectrum Biomedical U.K. The partnership “is testament to the importance of the opportunity to help patients access the medicine here in the U.K.,” he added in a statement.”


    No sign of any Irish medical or recreational industry-Ireland has it all except the political will to be a major player in this billion dollar market.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Not from what I can see anyway
      An’ you and I well know the money on standby for Irish Weed startups

      I’m still at a loss as to why the IFA aren’t leaning inta this
      I definitely know there are a few farmers, IFA members btw, drooling at the notion. Especially relevant to the lads trying to get out of beef / dairy.

      1. johnny

        I don’t get it at all-Facebook is like the most uncool company ever,the misuse and abuse of personal date is quite possibly/probably criminal, its done more harm to western democracy than Murdoch and that’s saying something.Yet the Irish govt is all over them while they pay SFA tax.

        The weed industry is green, eco friendly, pay’s lot tax and generates high paying fun jobs.

      2. Eoin

        It’s crazy when the Brits are making money hand over fist from cannabis, it’s the biggest producer of cannabis in the entire world, accounting for 45% of the total. And aren’t members of the Tory party benefitting from it, isn’t Theresa May’s husband a senior executive at a company which is one of the biggest producers or investors.


        1. johnny

          Hi Eoin-“Ninety five tonnes of marijuana was produced in the UK in 2016 for medicinal and scientific use, accounting for 44.9 per cent of the world total, its International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) found. ”

          Its a really weird metric (everyone uses pounds) and applies only to medical products,its also outdated and constantly bigged up by the Brits and its press.
          (95 tones is (1×2000) is 190,000 pounds)

          “It’s true that the UK was the main producer and exporter of cannabis-based medicines in 2016, according to the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). The majority of it ended up in the US.
          Virtually all of that is one drug – Sativex – which is licensed to treat muscle stiffness and spasms in people with multiple sclerosis.
          Sativex is available throughout the UK but only provided free on the NHS in Wales.
          The Home Office says it doesn’t define it as cannabis and that the UK doesn’t export any cannabis in its raw form.”

          California produced at least 13.5 million pounds of marijuana last year-13,500,000 V the brits paltry 190,000 pounds !

          Netflix has a new doc called Murder Mountain based in the ‘green triangle’ (Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties) in Cali-the one time capital of the weed industry in US.

          For a pro-business govt that can’t built housing,this complete reliance on US MNC’s and them paying taxes forever,is completely irresponsible and reckless by the irish govt-grow you own industry:)

          1. Frilly Keane

            Shur’ I know

            Impossible to understand or even appreciate why this isn’t a significant lobby group from Fweed and the IFA
            even the departments of Ag & Finance

            Mind you
            maybe they’re all just keeping it on a need to know until a certain gentleman diversifies from communications and media and fencing and what have ya into Agri stuff

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