Meanwhile, In The Mansion House


This afternoon.

Mansion, House, Dublin 2

President Michael D Higgins officiates at the ceremonial commemoration of the Centenary of the First Meeting of Dáil Éireann.

The event is to honour the “courage and sacrifice of those who founded the first Dáil, to appreciate the fact that the people of Ireland live in a democracy and to commit to maintaining the structures and values of democracy in Ireland for the next 100 years:.



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January 1919

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Mansion House

  1. Johnny Keenan

    G’wan Mary Lou. That’s how you make a speech to commemorate and acknowledge the members of our first Daíl.
    Up The Republic!!!!

  2. Frilly Keane

    Italian made Concert harp
    Or pedal harp if ya like

    Not an Irish folk harp
    There’s a few established harp makers that would’ve loved one’ah their harps up there

  3. Maximus

    Silly leftist nonsense mind you by pres Mickey D…what nonsense about any idea of a mobilised far right in Ireland. Having said that, viable opinions based on sound evidence now count as ‘far right/ WHY?

  4. Ron

    They have necks like a jockeys nether region considering how they have brought our country to penury. The damage they have done to people’s livelihoods. They have destroyed our economy and country with their arrogance, incompetence and ineptitude.

    Any normal person would hide their face in shame at what they have done, the fact that they don’t tells us everything about their despicable morals and character.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Have to agree. They shamelessly parade themselves, wrapping themselves in the cloaks of better people. Talk about ‘standing on the shoulders of Giants ‘?!? Utterly disgraceful.

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