She Is Among Us


This morning/afternoon.

Facebook HQ, Dublin.


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25 thoughts on “She Is Among Us

  1. Dhaughton99

    What kind of work is actually done in FB Dublin? Is it all development, support or just moving the money around? All the scrubbing of beheading videos etc is done by agency staff from what I remember.

    1. Oily Cromwell

      It certainly is not development. Nor employment for mostly Irish people. How about leaning out again. Remember what role these people played in Soros,s denigration and Cambridge Analytica, not to mention failure to remove abuse of women and kids. But hey they get free food while our poor kids are handed a packet of noodles a day. Puke central.

    1. Dhaughton99

      I think you could be right about the election. The local councilors where I am, keep putting up posters for clinics that they are running. Everything from staying safe online, jobs clinics and killing and cleaning fish caught from the canal.

      1. Eoin

        “could be right”? Well, there’s the local elections for 950 seats and the European elections for 13 seats (assuming the Brits fupp off when they promised) in just over three months, so that’s a fair assumption on your part! And despite the FFers signing up for another year of confidence and supply, I wouldn’t rule out a summer general election.

  2. Eoin

    Unless the Facebook employees are armed with sticks, I’d say the Salesforce employees will beat them to death every single time there’s a fight at the viewing for the €2,500 a month 1-bed flat in the docklands area, it’s more the corporate culture you’d get at Salesforce that their employees would be superior in this regard. Hopefully, the estate agent with the brash tie will correctly referee these fights to the death, maybe video them and stick it up on youtube, would make for mighty nightly entertainment.

    1. Cian

      But the FB employees will have the advantage for those prime properties that are advertised directly on Facebook.

    1. Rob_G

      What’s you point, caller?

      (I know plenty of Irish people who work/have worked in Google’s Dublin office, btw).

    2. Zaccone

      A good chunk of the jobs will go to Irish people. And of those that don’t, the non-Irish people will be living, paying taxes, and spending their wages in Ireland. So they’ll still be a big benefit to the Irish economy.

      Plus, lets be fair here, the Irish gene pool could do with a bit of diversification. Importing a load of Italian/French/Spanish/German/Portuguese educated 20somethings can only do positive things for us.

    3. realPolithicks

      Thats how it is in all countries moany, so why don’t you take your racist dog whistle bs and shove it up your derriere.

  3. Ian-O

    I’d prefer one that was free and open. If people want Facebook, good for them, I don’t.

    As for the rest of what she had to say, I’ll go with Michelle Obama and say probably BS.

    I’d imagine its all McJob call centre positions, or mostly, anyway. Seeing as there is an emphasis on 3 different media outlets on telling us the jobs will ‘spread across’ their SIXTY TEAMS, I’m going to be cynical and say most will probably call centre or similar.

    Lucky for them though, Broadsheet does a good line in accommodation advice, so they can get themselves a lovely airing cupboard for about 3/4’s of their monthly salary – Monday to Friday only.

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