What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?


Yesterday evening.

Mansion House, Dublin 2.

Scenes from the ceremonial commemoration of the Centenary of the First Meeting of Dáil Éireann.

Top from left: Solidarity and People Before Profit TD’s, Paul Murphy, Gino Kenny and Brid Smith; Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland, Eamon Martin and Senator Ronan Mullen; from left: Former Tanaister and Fianna Fail Minister for Agriculture, Mary Coughlan, with Mick Wallace of Independents 4 Change and Minister of State Paul Keogh, Fine Gael Minister for Defence; Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Dr. Maurice Manning.

Last night: Meanwhile, In The Mansion House

Pics: Rollingnews

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30 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You ‘Weren’t Invited’?

  1. Rob_G

    Jesus – I am sure that all of patriots will be so glad to have given their lives so that Mick Wallace could flounce around in that manky-looking yoke he is wearing.

    1. millie st murderlark

      And image is what’s *really* important here, right???

      *smooths clothes, fixes hair, throws lippy at wall*

          1. Gertrude

            :-))) There are weeks when mine are like bullets, but I’d drape a scarf or pashmina over my chest, no-one needs that kind of distraction lol

          2. Frilly Keane

            yeah but still Gert
            with some daycent foundation wear she would have managed a bitta’ve lift at least

            She’s dressed like she was going to the pictures with the kids
            in her comfy clothes

          3. Gertrude

            I agree 100%, no need for danglers in public, Gok Wang got that message across loud and clear a few years back…

            (For clarification purposes, no danglers here, could crack nuts with mine)

            Maybe not nuts but you get the picture ;-)

    2. Johnny Keenan

      Rob G do you think that more than half the elected members of the first Dàil were going around in tweed 3 piece suits when they were on the run or in British run prisons.
      Wallace is actually dressed in accordance with the public representatives that were of the people.
      The suits were aligned with bankers and the elite. Thanks though for showing your pinstripe colours.

        1. Johnny Keenan

          You’ll always get conformists Bertie.
          If Leinster House was run on a point system ( instead of pint system) like the premiership Mick Wallace would be close to top of the league.
          It’s not a fashion show man. It’s dealing with the real lives of real people.
          He seemed to be smirking at the Kejoe minister of defense as if to say how are you going to explain PESCO to the Irish people. You probably think that’s not as important as a nice pressed French charvet shirt worn by your hero.

          Let’s look at Paul Kehoe at his best and why wouldn’t we all laugh at him. He is part of a laughing stock of a government.
          Watch Until the end to see one lovely pressed blue shirt defend a ‘scurrilous remark’


    1. postmanpat

      They are quite the variety act! You can barely see the Eamon’s lips moving when he gets Ronan to crack jokes.

  2. Dub Spotyy

    Judging by the second from top picture, I’m glad I wasn’t invited.

    Mary Coughlan looks well. No idea who the women standing to her right is though.

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