6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Col

    What about people who are fat and lose weight.
    Or people who have fat siblings and are themselves fit.
    Riddle me that, boffins!

  2. Captainpants

    Personally I suspect that carbohydrate/ sugar cause a reaction in some people that they don’t cause in others, in a similar way to the way alcohol affects alcoholics.

    Somebody who is a born alcoholic will feel an almost overpowering desire to keep drinking once they start, where the majority of us can have a couple of drinks and just go home. I dont think this is because we non-alcoholics have superior willpower to alcoholics, its that we don’t feel the overpowering desire to get blotto that they do. In fact if anything, their willpower is probably a bit stronger than ours as they so often have to try and exercise it.

    I think that something similar is probably going on with food (specifically insulin stimulating foods) – people who tend towards overweightness feel a powerful desire to finish the whole tube of pringles once they have one, that most people dont struggle with.

    One of the things ive noticed in my personal life is that of the friends of mine who tend towards skinniness, the last thing you could say about them is that they have strong willpower skills – 2 of them are extraordinarly heavy drinkers and smokers, and one is still smoking 10 years after recovering from cancer. They just don’t have the same relationship with food.

    Its possible that in a few years time, we’ll think of overwight people as a type of addict, worthy of sympathy the way we now have for alcoholics, and stop thinking of them as morally deficient as we once did with boozehounds.

  3. SOQ

    My mother’s family were all like that. They would line the spuds around the outside of the plate and probably still head for the white bread in the cupboard but, skinny wasn’t in it. You couldn’t have made a good soup out of the lot of them.

    The only things that were different was that the food was meat and two veg and nothing was packaged. Oh and tea, and more tea, would you have a cup of tea while you are waiting on your tea?

    1. millie st murderlark

      One of nana murderlark’s favourite expressions.

      That and;

      “Will ye be having some poppies?”

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