Owner Occupied


When a midnight feast requires military-style manoeuvres.

Good times.

Beaumont, Dublin 9 (Rent,ie)

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15 thoughts on “Owner Occupied

  1. Nullzero

    Don’t get out of bed at night when the alarm is on or you’ll trip the infrared sensor above the window

  2. Junkface

    Going to the toilet after 10 pm is forbidden. Talking is also forbidden. Sandwich maker can only be used after 7pm, no fancy sandwiches!

  3. SydneyT

    Maybe it’s not for long term letting.
    Could be perfect for someone who has to spend a few weeks in Dublin for a job.
    Is it really that bad in that case?
    I assume the sheets are changed every weekend.
    Would you get any cheaper for a hostel or B&B?

  4. Stephen

    To be fair its being let as basically a student digs, wifi and bills included.
    Its not the cheapest but its not a poophole either.

  5. kellMA

    Being effectively confined to your bedroom is a bit cr*p but this isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things….

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