Documenting Direct Provision


Short Talks with Bairbre Flood.

A new podcast series presented by journalist Bairbre Flood, who writes:

Vukasin Nedeljkovic (top left) is an artist, activist and academic who has carefully documented every Direct Provision centre in Ireland through his photography, now available as a hardback here.

Vuklasin recently gave a talk in The Glucksman Gallery and I caught up with him afterwards to discuss his new book and about an exhibition of Asylum Archive in the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, on the 7th February, which runs until March 29th.

Short Talks with Bairbre Flood

Asylum Archive exhibition (Triskel)

Asylum Archive

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1 thought on “Documenting Direct Provision

  1. Panty Christ

    For those that want an immediate end to direct provision I’ve never heard of them suggest an alternative. It’s universal that immigration is controlled unless a bi lateral agreement is in place. I’m playing devils advocate here but can someone offer the alternative? Homeless hub? Temporary hotel accommodation?? They are all forms of domestic direct provision.

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