‘We Do Not Want To Be On Strike For One Minute’


INMO trade union picket line outside Beaumont in Dublin on Wednesday, the first day of a planned series of one day strikes in support of better pay and conditions.

This morning.

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9 thoughts on “‘We Do Not Want To Be On Strike For One Minute’

  1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    I cant remember a less well supported strike in a long time. Everyone I know agrees they need better working conditions. Nobody thinks for one second that an exchequer busting pay rise is gonna solve that. They’re not being honest and people know it. They say its conditions but its wonga they want.

    1. ollie

      PAy rise will encourage more nurses to take up one of the many vacant positions.
      Shows how linited your grasp of the situation is Ranter.

    1. Ian-O

      While I would prefer not to part with my hard earned cash anymore than I have to, I would be willing to take some pain in return for better services, albeit grudgingly.

      Public transport for a start and of course health but I already pay for a private plan so I don’t have to go to the public hospitals.

    2. Joe cool

      I would like the silly amount I pay to be used correctly. Not giving Tds a pay rise whenever they feel like

  2. Baz

    an observation.

    mostly young and agency nurses on the picket, not too many of the middle aged natives out in the cold.

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