5 thoughts on “Skate For Life

  1. postmanpat

    Urrrghghh Youth!!!! They should all be indoors playing videogames or learning their Irish verbs. When I go for a walk , all I want to see is decrepit old people walking their two spaniels and lumps of dog poo every 50 yards. If young people want to go outside it should only be for hurling and Gaa. The culches wouldn’t put up with this kind of thing. I feel sorry for all the baby boomers who couldn’t bring their dog out for a poo on the footpath yesterday. These poor people probably had to clean poo from their own back garden. Damn kids!

  2. Minty

    To Postman man patsy who wouldn’t leave there real name I’m sure your a lovely person and also great fun at partys ya mad pooper

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