Bales of cocaine with a ‘street value’ of €800 million was seized in the Atlantic by an EU force led by a former Garda

For gangsters it’s never a joke
When they have a whole boat load of coke
Piled up by the tonne
But the cops spoil their fun
And send the whole thing up in smoke

John Moynes

Pic: Express das Ilhas

One thought on “A Limerick A Day

  1. johnny

    Conor Gallagher is rubbish,he’s a joke of a hack.
    The most important arrest in this was …. O’Sullivan lifting Christ K years ago!
    It’s widely rumored in Irelands underworld that shall we say they stayed in touch over the years…………

    “Four years later, he arrested Christy Kinahan, who had moved from being a fraudster to the drug business.
    “It was 1986 and I caught him with a load of heroin in Clontarf and he got six years for it.”

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