The First Date Is The Deepest


1. You tell us where you shared your first date and a little bit about it

2. Our photographer visits this special place

3. They use this information to take a memorable unique picture for you.

4. We print it, frame it and then deliver it your door

Do you remember the first time?

Irish start-up will make it immortal!

Robbie writes:

At you tell us where you had your first date with your partner and one of our professional photographers will go out and take a one-off bespoke picture of the venue where you had your first date.

It is then beautifully framed and delivered to your door. The perfect wedding present or gift for Valentines.

Through delivering 100’s of these orders, we discovered the same “First Date” venues were coming up again and again. Clearly love is in the air in these venues! And so we compiled a list (see below) especially for Valentine’s Day.


7 Top Places in Dublin to Bring Your Date… to make them Your Husband or Wife! (

Irish-made Valentine’s Day gifts to marked ‘Irish-made Valentine’s gifts’. No fee.

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17 thoughts on “The First Date Is The Deepest

    1. Eoin


      (the UK TV company which created the name and format for C4).

      Good luck with the business, but I’d be surprised if you don’t receive a cease-and-desist letter from Twenty Twenty in the near future.

  1. Emmerdale

    The sample of Mulligans does not make me think somebody couldn’t take that with a mobile and a steady hand.Maybe there are better examples.

  2. Paulus

    Dear First Date,
    My first date was in a pub on the Dingle peninsula. . . which has since burned down.
    Please supply a photo.

      1. Emmerdale

        These are creative professionals, maybe a shot taken with drone from the floor height you two met. Choice of birds eye view groundward or bird’s eye view skyward.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    I’d like a photo of the tree stump we sat on behind (beside? nearby?) the Trailer Park at Electric Picnic… :0)

    Good luck finding it… I tried :/

    Although we didn’t go on a “date” proper until a couple of years later!

  4. H

    My first date with my husband was in a long gone Chinese restaurant, so long gone that I couldn’t even point out the building it was in anymore…

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    That’s all very well if kept within the confines of your home. I do not get why couples have to overshare the intimate milestones of their relationship with the world.

  6. Ben Redmond

    My first date was in a bookmaker shop on a Saturday afternoon. Dolly laid a bet on Solar Plexus at 200/1 and I laid 200 euro on Expectorate at odds 150/1 in another race. Both nags came in first so we claimed our winnings and booked into a 5-star hotel where we got laid. The bookie folded up his business, so you can’t snap the shop, which is boarded up in a town somewhere in the West of Ireland like so many other shops.

  7. Jonjo

    Ridiculous prices. Just go out and take your own photo. Get a frame in Ikea and you’ll get extra kudos points for doing it yourself.

    You’ll also save around €180 and that’s with their current €50 discount.

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