‘The Prohibition Against Making Findings Against Individuals Will Be Removed’


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the Dáil this afternoon

This afternoon in the Dáil.

The Taoiseach said the following about the €450,000 PwC report which is expected to examine how and why the cost of the National Children’s Hospital has ballooned:

“The terms of reference for the review by PwC into the escalation of costs, that they are being revised at present. But the review will deal with accountability of relevant key parties, functions and roles. The prohibition against making findings against individuals will be removed.

“It will establish he sequence of events in relation to the cost increases experienced by the project; establish what was known; when and by whom; and will cover bodies including the NBH, [inaudible], committees, HSE and also the Department of Health.

“And it will also be asked to identify any areas where potential cost savings or reductions, which are consistent with the applicable contractual undertakings, may be found.”

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10 thoughts on “‘The Prohibition Against Making Findings Against Individuals Will Be Removed’

  1. :-Joe

    “Potential cost savings”..

    Maybe sack yourself, harris and the rest of the corrupt fg/ff coalition have an election and let some democracy in with an elected leader so we can build the hospital on the right site for a fair amount of tax-payers money, then employ enough of paid staff with a fair wage and then we can use the change to accelerate the solutions needed for the housing crisis.

    First off, maybe cancel the payment to Goldman Sachs-lite (PWC) and invest it in proper oversight and regulation authorities that are not corrupt and bias for the establishments for private finance agenda.


    1. Junkface

      + 1
      This is the real mystery here. Why pick such a busy, traffic laden, city centre site? In one of the worst cities served by public transport in Europe. No underground, too many cars on the roads, so everything meets on the surface from 7am to 7 or 8pm and strangles the city.

  2. Jeffrey

    I would like to know what exactly explains the cost of 450k to produce a report. How many people are to work on such report? For how long? Are these people not already paid that they need 450k between them?

  3. Blonto

    Fupping hell. “Prohibition against making findings against individuals”…….what the fupp is going on.
    What else would they make findings against….a lamp post? Fupp sake. If it isn’t people that fupp things up, what is it??? Is this clause in everything that civil servants do??
    Imagine is all this wasted money was put into social housing……

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