Smoking cannabis occasionally may improve men’s fertility by stimulating sperm production, a study by Harvard University suggests.

When a young couple sit down to plan
How they’ll go about starting a clan
It may be that weed
Is just what they need
To increase the sperm cells’ lifespan

John Moynes

Pic: Allstock


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23 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Nancy Pelosi's Cave

    What’s the matter Broadsheeters?

    Can’t figure out the SOTU? Or how an agenda to end endless wars, stop human trafficking, stop child sex trafficking and prohibit late/full term abortions can be spun into your “OrangeManBad” narrative?


    1. Nigel

      You mean restart the nuclear arms race, demonise migrants, lose thousands of children after separating them from their families and bring women’;s rights back to the middle ages (or Ireland in the 1950s if you prefer)? No that hard to figure out. Here, smoke some weed. It’ll put some fizz in your man-fruit.

      1. Nancy Pelosi's Cave

        Trump loves legal migrants.

        Democrats love human trafficking, child slavery and opioids. It’s why they won’t fund the wall they already voted for.

        In the meantime Nigel loves post-term abortions. It’s his latest fad.

        1. realPolithicks

          trump doesn’t “love” anyone but himself and it astonishes me that people like you still cling to him like he is some kind of savior, it’s delusional.

  2. Papi

    Fairly Mary/NPC has issues. Dry, lonely, bad, inconsequential, frigid issues. But she likes it like that.
    Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think

  3. Junkface

    I know of a couple who were struggling to conceive a baby, and having a difficult time, tried some weed while on holiday and soon after had their first child. Maybe there was more to it than just trying to relax and not stress about it.

  4. Nancy Pelosi's Cave


    No debate allowed on Broadsheet.

    Only a very narrow range of pre-approved opinions are acceptable.

    Nothing shall interfere with our daily programming of baby murder and genital mutilation.

    We also lie about climate change and insist that others submit to those lies.

    Any deviations from this liberal-fascist agenda will be mocked and censored.

          1. The Facts of Life

            haha Bisted no crazier than bitchin in the kitchin at parties about the host

            nastiness and jealousy is like a virus that eats you up inside and the temporary hi gets smaller and weaker every time after the first like heroin really

            ppl notice more than you think leading to static twitter followers dead end promo opportunities and no one wanting the chat with you online

            ever lie awake at night and wonder why it doesn’t ever work out

            a lil tip is try being kinder

      1. millie st murderlark

        I believe they call it ‘triggered’, Nigel.

        Something to do with snowflakes??? Can someone confirm?

        1. Nigel

          More the ”What’s the matter Broadsheeters?’ guy complaining about mockery. It’s a bit rich. So rich it’s refusing to release its tax returns.

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