Call It Separation


This afternoon.

The Irish Glass Bottle site,  Ringsend, Dublin 4

Biddy Bitcoin writes:

Raytown: Not a Ghost of a Chance…

Any excuse.

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Lack of social homes in Dublin docklands raised by oversight body

37 thoughts on “Call It Separation

  1. postmanpat

    If you love living near mammy, just stuck it out with the folks for a few more years save your cash and wait for the next crash and buy in Dublin. It will happen, I guarantee it. Of course you will have to be working during that time to save. If your a doley then I have no sympathy for you. If your the type that wants a free house and free grandparents child-minding in pram distance then… really, who do you think you are?

    1. millie st murderlark

      That’s actually what we’re doing. Damned if I’m going to get myself 500k into debt because of poor planning.

    1. Dub Spot

      Any argument also used by Hitler in the Sudetenland, etc.

      Tough day in the free food digital sector.

      1. f_lawless

        I suppose fascism and the modern-day global corporatism that’s sweeping the world have quite a lot in common

          1. Rob_G

            No it isn’t really; land close to a city centre becoming more valuable as the city becomes more wealthy – no global conspiracy required.

  2. Mel

    I can’t live where I grew up either! Then again, I wouldn’t want to.
    I wouldn’t mind living in Ringsend though. I had assumed that I would just have to pay the going rate if I wanted to live there. How to I get someone to build and GIVE me a house? I prefer that idea. Thanks

  3. spider

    Does anyone remember Ringsend in the 80’s, before it became desirable? It was rough as ####. Gentrification has been great for the place. Now the locals want to be given houses next to Mammy… well me too, but tough luck. Google has been better for the area than the original population. They didn’t look after the place when left to their own devices.

    1. Nialler

      Nice Ballsbridge statement there, I’ve been living in Ringsend since I was 11 (39 years), far from rough as ####, it was a community, they looked after their own.

      1. Termagant

        But if you weren’t one of their own, it was rough as ####, because they wouldn’t look after you, do you see?

    2. Dub Spot

      That’s utter bull. What regenerated Ringsend was NOT Facebook, Google, or hipsters munching avocado toast on their scooters going over the East Link, but the fine social housing that was built there. If Googlers can have free food it’s only fair Ringsenders should have a free house.

  4. Mick

    A lot of the houses down near the docks were built by companies for their employees. What’s wrong with a new company down there buying or building houses for their staff.

  5. Jonkel

    Hey Spider
    Were you born a neo liberal or have you just been convinced by your FG buddies? I remember Ringsend in the 80s and the 60s, 70s, 90s, and right up to today – born and bred! It’s a community you idiot – show me one community that embraced gentrification? How would ANY village in the country react to big business buying up their land and homes to house transient tech workers. You’re right of course all that matters is money! Go back to whatever party you were spawned by and tell them that some things are not for sale!

  6. Mike

    I remember Ranelagh in the 80s and 90s. Born and bred. It was a community. Can my family have 8 houses in Ranelagh please? 15 million should cover it.

  7. Joe

    Darn gentrification ruining inner city Dublin. How dare outsiders want to live in inner city Dublin cause a multinational gave them a job. Awful carry on.

    1. Dub Spot

      The IGB site is outside the two canals; so it’s not the “inner city”. But, you not being a local, you couldn’t be expected to know that. Or anything else about the situation locally.

      I’m with the #raytown community.

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