Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack (CNN)

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    1. Rob_G


      I cannot fathom the motivations behind someone deciding to carry out such a hoax, but nor did I know who Justin Smollett is, hear about the hoax in the first place, nor care that much now that it has been uncovered.

      Can we please leave this American culture wars bullpoop on Twitter where it belongs?

      (@Clampers, I’m looking in your direction)

      1. rotide

        If i had to guess, it’s probably not a hoax. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit more to it and something went wrong so yer man started claiming race attack to cover some other shenanigans.

      2. Dub Spot

        Can’t believe Nancy didn’t do her “duedil” (where’s Frilly Knickers?).

        Happy Presidents Day by the way.

      3. Clampers Outside !

        Two words…. Victimhood culture.

        And the fame, and media sympathy, which was going well until the story unraveled. A story which was ridiculous from the start and unraveled fairly quickly, in fairness.

      1. Bruce_Wee

        I meant from a stand point of the Social media context George. Its not about sides, you are correct. Its about right and wrong…but would you not like to know the facts about anything before you rush head long in to an issue you don’t fully understand. The rush to pick a point of view/side without understanding the full details is nuts and dangerous.

        1. jusayinlike

          I know the facts, the cops in Chicago know the facts, it’s a hoax..

          His friends from Nigeria are singing like canaries, he’s done..

    1. george

      Well apparently if attack was fake so they were never intended to catch the attackers so the story would have been that they were not black…

    2. Clampers Outside !

      He originally claimed the attackers were white guys with MAGA hats and some sort of balaclava, using a noose, and bleach.
      It only came out later that it was Smollett who staged the attack, hiring the two Nigerian brothers, one of whom, I understand, is/was his personal trainer. So, it was the original fabricated story that was claimed to be racist.

      1. Robert

        but if it’s classified as itself, doesn’t that make it another “count” or something? I guess it means prosecution for anybody involved but not specifically “active” in the act. Seems obvious.

  1. Starina

    tasteless headline, Bodger.

    whether it’s a hoax or not, it doesn’t discount the many black people who have been lynched in the States, and the many who are still threatened with it.

      1. Cue the Storm

        Does that explain why they prefer lies to truth and never came across a false flag they didn’t promote breathlessly?

        1. Nigel

          Wait, is this guy’s story being fake, which is what’s being reported, a false flag? Wheels within wheels…

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