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68 thoughts on “Dublin Cycle Campaign

  1. Rob_G

    I get paid an allowance to cover this, along with dozens of other small and large expenditures.

    They call it ‘a salary’.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      How much do you spend on period products? Extra cleaning to remove bloodstains from underwear, pants and bed linen? Pain relief?

      1. Rob_G

        Everyone has all sorts of miscellaneous expenses that vary from person; by all means have a place where poor people can get sanitary products for free if necessary, but the the idea of setting up a special allowance for every time someone spends X amount of euro on Y is stupid.

        How would we be able to ascertain when a woman became menopausal and was no longer entitled to this payment – would people over 40 need to go to the dept of social welfare and display their stained drawers to some functionary to keep receiving the payment?

    2. the real Rob G

      for anyone reading .. I am NOT this complete bell-end Rob_G .. honestly, a few people have said they thought it’s me. it is not. and im gutted people would think i could possibly go on like this fool.

  2. missred

    I got given eco-friendly reusable pads as an actual birthday present once. Good job I saw what they were before revealing them to an entire restaurant. Never bothered using them

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    “…we get paid less”

    Think this is GlitterMamaBlog’s rant here, not the cycle of life. Sometimes you have to pare back the nonsense to find the wound.

    1. ____

      Were they ever taxed?
      I tried looking it up and the best I could find was a reference to them having a zero-rated status 20+ years ago – no suggestion that it was new at the time.

      1. Rob_G

        There were campaigns in a few EU countries to have them VAT-exempt; I don’t know if they were in Ireland as well.

        1. ____

          It’s been a long-running issue in the UK.
          I think it just spilled over from there with people presuming they’re taxed here.

          1. Cian

            That link I have above to revenue mentions the “Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act 2010 (VATCA 2010) Ref [Section: 46(1)(b) Schedule: 2 Paragraph: 13(3)]”.
            It’s possible it was reduced to 0% in 2010?

          2. ____

            That would just be the most recent time it was included in legislation, doesn’t mean that the rate changed. I went looking into this before and found something similar from the early 90’s. I couldn’t find any evidence of when/if it became “zero-rated”, or even that VAT was ever applied (but for all I know it could have at some point).

  4. Spud

    As men in general have a recommended higher calorie intake than women, are we allowed a food allowance based on such?

    And €10? Have you tried getting your supplies from discounters?

    /awaits incoming wrath

    1. milk teeth

      The gender pay gap would imply that potentially we do, and if that’s not what its for then we should probably give it back.

    2. Dr.Fart MD

      Spud; in a forum of insanely dumb posts .. well done, yours is the dumbest. that really takes some doing particularly on broadsheet. why not celebrate by having a vasectomy?

  5. Spud

    As men in general have a recommended higher calorie intake than women, can we get a food allowance based on such?

    And €10? Have you tried getting your supplies from discounters?

    /awaits incoming wrath

  6. Dhaughton99

    €10 ain’t exactly a fortune.

    Period poverty is the new go-to for the ‘socially aware’. So many articles in the media over the past few months.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          = 0.66 cent a day.
          Anyone, no matter what their employment status, can afford that. Can they manage their income spread across their basic needs and requirements? Maybe not. I think either the scratcher or MABs give free money management advice to those needing to make a little go a long way. Recommend this woman gives them a buzz.

          1. Cian

            For feck’s sake:

            it is either €0.66[1] per day OR 66 cent per day NOT 0.66 cent a day

            [1] or €0.33 OR 33 cent per day;

          2. milk teeth

            If its €0.66 a day that’s €240 a year i.e. enough for a weekend getaway. Small costs add up quick!

          3. Spaghetti Hoop

            Ok sorry for the miscalculation everyone. I lost a zero along the way (clearly it’s important).
            €2 a month = €24 per year.
            = €0.066 per day

        2. missred

          Lidl own brand pads leak like hell, they are rubbish. The branded names are the ones that actually work.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Jayz. You must have some torrents, hah?
            I find Boots ones pretty good and verra cheap.

  7. Jake38

    It’s called an expense. You know, like toothpaste.
    Presuming you are employed it’s what your wages are for.
    If not, you’re already getting a handout from the taxpayer.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      You’ve never had a period, have you? What would you do if you had anal leakage, coupled with cramps, for 3 to 7 days a month? You certainly wouldn’t be comparing it to brushing your teeth.

      1. Boj

        Stop polluting our planet with millions of tons of sanitary products. Surely saving the environment gives you bonus points?

        1. millie st murderlark

          I hope you remember your words next time you invite a lady to sit on your lap and she obligingly leaves a puddle of blood and uterine lining behind as a present

          1. Boj

            Arragh that’s happened before, all normal body function and cleaned up in seconds. These things on the other hand are made from plastic based material. 500-800 years to breakdown…and this one want’s them as a free for all.
            Cloth menstrual pads…REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE

          2. millie st murderlark

            Thanks for the top notch advice.

            I’ve always been a fan of complete strangers telling me how best to deal with something I’ve been dealing with every month since I was twelve. I’m sure your superior judgement far outweighs the twenty odd years of my own experience.

          3. Boj

            Millie I don’t believe I’ve said anything incorrect here. I could be wrong but you seem to be taking issue with the fact I am expressing my opinion as a male on this subject and that I’m somehow talking down to you. That was not my intention. The lack of interaction on my environmental points is actually quite telling. Convenience trumps environment.

          4. Murtles

            Ewww Millie, thanks. Uterine Lining will now top the worst words ever, surpassing moist by a mile. I’ll have to sing about it to get rid of it

            ♫ And it’s high ho uterine lining, anywhere you go now baby
            I see your sun is shining….♫

            Nope just made it worst :(

      2. Bertie Blenkinsop

        “What would you do if you had anal leakage, coupled with cramps, for 3 to 7 days a month? ”

        SOQ, can you answer this one please?

  8. Boj

    Go back to basics with a cloth menstrual pad. You won’t have to buy any supplies, just wash and reuse. Save the environment too. A couple of problems solved there….next please. :-)

  9. Junkface

    In other European countries the employer pays for the healthcare of the employee, as it is in their best interests to have a healthy workforce. You are given a health card which can be used at the doctors for checkups, and at specialists clinics for everything else, no money changes hands! Unless you get certain procedures done in the dentists that are not fully covered. It takes such a weight off of your shoulders and makes extra expenses like period products for women a minor purchase. Ireland needs to have a system like this, or the NHS. Big business/employers gets away with murder in Ireland compared to the EU continent.

    1. Lush

      Em, not entirely Junkface. The employer pays 2 thirds and the employee 1 third. The GP costs on average 23€ per visit, if which 14€ is paid by public health insurance. The balance comes out if your pocket or us covered by your private health insurance.

  10. eoin

    Scotland became the first country in the world to provide free sanitary products to students. Costs £5m a year. We’d probably do it for €4m a year here. And maybe another €500,000 to stock sanitary products in food banks.


    We could pay for it if Josepha Madigan reversed the decision to give RTE an extra €4m a year of our money to pay for orchestras that were supposed to be funded by the TV licence.

    1. Broadbag

      “We’d probably do it for €4m a year here…”

      Or in the real corruption/ineptitude filled Ireland, we’d probably end up doing it for €12m a year, plus an inquiry, a tribunal, a high profile resignation and a sacking (followed by swift re-hirings to other well-paid jobs for all involved).

  11. Jeffrey

    She is really selling i there at a mighty 33 cents a day! Hair growth also out of our control, free barber/haircuts? Toes nails, etc… think we done here, next!

  12. Dr.Fart MD

    once i saw this post .. i knew i’d come in to the comments sections, to see all the worst regulars, spouting their worst opinions.

  13. f_lawless

    But spare a thought too for all those boyfriends who, without financial compensation, try their best to stoically remain calm during the final week of each month – despite the stress of being subjected to all the mood swings and irrational emotional outbursts! :p

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