21 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. Dhaughton99

    I’ve heard of the Coronas and Mel B but that’s it.

    You are guaranteed to get your end away at the trinity ball, aren’t you?

  2. Owen C

    There were 80 quid each for around the 10 years up until 2017, 87 in 2017 and 2018, 91 this year. Its all relative.

  3. Hank

    Some would say if you willingly allowed yourself to be subjected to The Coronas about 87 times, free or not, you deserve the 91 quid charge. Call it a good taste tax.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I saw Trinity Orchestra do Dark Side of the Moon in Christchurch some years back. Their lead, unknown in the music business then, was none other than our Hozier. It was one of those gigs for a tenner where you don’t give a toss whether it’s good or bad. It was mighty. Loved the Trinny Orchestra since. Took me to Church they did.

  5. Starina

    the Coronas would play the opening of an envelope. very lazy booking agent here. Mall Grab and Le Boom are good but again, you can see them other times of the year for cheaper.

  6. postmanpat

    91 quid? a couple of yokes and don’t drink alcohol and you could have a good night for a hundred quid all in. But then again you would have to listen to the rubbish super arrogant Mary Black spawn while high as a kite.

  7. Johnny Keenan

    The price of piss beer these days is absolutely atrocious.
    Wouldn’t you think the organisers would get a local beer company for half the price.
    If they sold a case of Corona for €91 it would still be €90.99 to much.
    Watch all the ponsey posey pissheads lick it up.

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