This morning.

St Michan’s Church, Dublin.

Anglican Archbishop of Dublin Michael Jackson (shamone!) and Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin along with Garda Supt Pat Leahy inspect damage to the church’s crypt and to The Crusader, an 800-year-old mummified corpse who had its head decapitated by vandals.

More as we get it.

Monday: Mummy Loses Head


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17 thoughts on “Cold Case

    1. Dub Spot

      If 800 year old rotting corpse is your definition of “nice” you might want to actually change out of your sweats and go outside more.

  1. Paulus

    Hope they didn’t get caught short down there:
    Ye know; “They crept into the crypt, crapped and crept out again”

  2. Grace

    FFS shouldn’t Assistant Commissioner of the Dublin Metropolitan Region Pat Leahy have about a million other more relevant things he could be doing with his time – I dunno, like dealing with gangland activity or all the feck ups the police have been involved with in recent years.
    This seems like a story from 1965 to be honest.

      1. Cian

        There is getting the Gardaí involved… and there is getting the Assistant Commissioner of the Dublin Metropolitan Region involved.

  3. postmanpat

    But, Immortals aren’t supposed to fight on holy ground. I hope MacLeod finds the cheating son of a bitch and take his head!

  4. Nigel

    They will enact the ancient ritual to determine which of them will now take the place of the missing mummy.

  5. Dub Spot

    Cue the “This is why we can’t have nice things” comments from The Journal Gammon and Confederates.

    Another reason for choosing cremation.

    As if a block of poo apartments for airbnbholes and techies on top of you shortly wasn’t enough already.

    1. Andrew

      I’m weary of people who use the word ‘gammon’ to describe people. It signifies a life spent online.

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