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This morning.

St Michan’s Church, Dublin.

Anglican Archbishop of Dublin Michael Jackson (shamone!) and Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin along with Garda Supt Pat Leahy inspect damage to the church’s crypt and to The Crusader, an 800-year-old mummified corpse who had its head decapitated by vandals.

More as we get it.

Monday: Mummy Loses Head




Sir, – I fully agree with Alan Fairbrother (September 6th) on the question of our dropping the Irish “mam” or “ma” in favour of first the Anglo “mum” and now the American “mom”.
I suppose it has to do with our obsession with sounding posh, and fear of, God forbid, sounding Irish ! – Yours, etc,

Raymond Kennedy
Dublin 5.

Your ma.

Mammy vs mummy (Irish Times letters page)

Card by Grand Grand