‘Independent Research Into Irish Family Homicides’


Clodagh Hawe’s mother Mary Coll (left)n and sister Jacqueline Connolly with Claire Byrne after speaking publicly on Monday night about the murders of Clodagh Hawe and her sons, Liam, Niall  and Ryan (6)  their husband and father, Alan Hawe, subsequently took his own life.

This afternoon.

The Minister for Justice is to establish independent research into family homicides.

The announcement came after what he described as a lengthy but satisfactory meeting with the family of Clodagh Hawe today.

Mr Flanagan said he has to consider the terms of reference of such research, but that he has agreed to an independent chair.

The study is being carried out to establish if special protocols or legislative changes are needed in cases like this.

The person carrying out the research will meet with Clodagh Hawe’s family, as well as other similarly affected families.

Minister to establish independent research into family homicides (RTÉ)

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16 thoughts on “‘Independent Research Into Irish Family Homicides’

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    literally the only way to get anything done in this country is to get on telly or the radio. otherwise no politician will be bothered with ya.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    I was reviewing other cases online, and for each family murder/suicide, either ‘depression’, ‘debt problems’ or ‘mental health problems’ are mentioned as motives, though not so in other murder cases. It’s like the crime is excused each time. This is not the inquiry the family were looking for, but it’s a start.

    1. Paul

      Mental health is obviously a factor in this case. It’s an explanation not an excuse. Denying that the man was mentally ill just to suit the angry theory that he was ‘just a murderer’ is wrong. We need to get more funds going towards mental health services in Ireland and the more we dismiss cases as not being to do with mental health the less funds are ultimately going to go to the mental health system.

      1. Starina

        The issue is that the framing of the murder as “poor fella, he wasn’t well” when he murdered his entire family is grotesque. Yes, we can have compassion for mental illness while still holding this murderer accountable.

          1. Starina

            Oh wow whataboutery, that’s real helpful Cian. you got a statistic on how helpful whataboutery is?

          2. Cian

            No. There is currently an “allowance” made for women that kill their infant children. Infanticide – which is considered manslaughter rather than murder. And we say “poor girl, she wasn’t well”

            But if a man does the same thing it is deemed murder.

            So, do you think a parent (regardless of gender) should be treated in a similar fashion if they kill their own children? Or is it different if it is a mother?

            This is a recent case of a woman that stabbed her 3-year-old to death.
            “Omar Omran was stabbed 20 times, mainly to the trunk of his body. Four stab wounds had penetrated his lungs and heart, severing a vital artery.”

          3. postmanpat

            Cian. Women in this country get away with murder of adults all the time. I know of two women , separate incidents but both from Rathfarnham. One killed their lover while he slept in bed and the other bate the head of her husband with a saucepan. Both got away with it because they where “driven to it” by the abusive male partner. Women only tend to get prosecuted when they get caught contracting the job out to some other sap. like that Cat Nevin woman. Ladies, if you want your man ‘out of the picture’ , just be prepared to get your hands dirty and cry about it afterwards!. The old fashioned (sexist) Judges are compassionate toward women because they see women as having no real agency.

  3. eoin

    Does it really need an inquiry to tell us that Garda illegally leaking confidential details of an investigation to their pals in the tabloids is a problem? Nothing happened when they did it with Clare Daly. And nothing will be done about the griefstriken family of the Hawes learning about the case through the tabloids. And of course Charlie Flanagan wouldn’t want to put a stop to it, didn’t his predecessor get all sorts of goss about political rivals.

  4. Emily Dickinson

    There’s a trend now that media coverage and the political response that follows is increasingly being driven by emotive narratives and activist victims rather than by facts and evidence.

    This incident was appalling but it doesn’t change the fact that guards have to be able to conduct investigations in private. If not, witnesses won’t come forward and professionals with a duty of confidentiality, such as doctors, won’t cooperate.

    1. ReproBertie

      Is there an active garda investigation into this case? The family learned details through the media so the guards clearly weren’t conducting one in private.

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