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  1. Inquisitor

    Victory for the Mail? Eh, Irish people don’t really care for your campaigns as you can see by the drop in your sales over here. What about the 35 voluntary redundancies your seeking? That won’t make the front page of your paper but has been carried by other papers and RTÉ.

    1. Listrade

      The real victory will be when the Mail online is one of the first punished by a new watchdog for one of its “Isn’t she all grown up” photo sets.

  2. Cú Chulainn

    Facebook employ 4,000 and soon to be more people in Ireland. That was Kenny’s job. What exactly is the problem. How much were Nissan paid to stay in the UK ? Just more paddy bashing .. Meanwhile, GB is not getting any time limit on the backstop and is also coming apart at the seams..

      1. Cian


        But corrupt (in Ireland, with 4,000 jobs in Ireland) is better than corrupt (in say, France , with 4,000 jobs in France).

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Social Media Safety Watchdog’s first job should be to block all access to the Daily fail online. A poisonous rag.

  4. Walter Ego

    Now we see the real reason for the Momo hoax. The thin edge internet censorship.
    “Won’t somebody think of the children”.

  5. eoin

    “The Online Safety Act would see serious cyber-bullying prohibited”

    Who decides what is bullying? Who decides what is “serious”? Would holding a politician or minister to account be bullying? What about reminding the government that it is 100% reliant on the support of a recently convicted criminal to survive? What about accurately and repeatedly reminding the Internet of someone’s malfeasance?

    Last week, we saw the Supreme Court rule that utterances in the Oireachtas are amenable to the courts.
    Last week also, we saw DOB lose his defamation case, but it was at least 8:3 when the judge asked the jury for a majority verdict (otherwise if it was 9:2 or 10:1, it would have taken them 5 minutes to come back and not a few hours) and the case cost “at least €1 million” for a nonsense case that should never have come near a court.

    What now for free speech in this country.

    1. eoin

      Meanwhile the Times Ireland reports

      “Mr Harris said that he would support Kate O’Connell, a Fine Gael TD, in her calls for Facebook to remove medical conspiracy theories.”

      The anti-vax lot are believed to be responsible for the drop off in vaccinations and rise in outbreaks. But where do you stop? The WHO says bacon is a class 1 carcinogen, causing cancer. Will you be censored if you point this out, or would that harm the Irish pig industry?

      1. Nigel

        Anti-vaxxers are basically hoaxers, even if they truly believe it, it’s still essentially a hoax. The UN info is as accurate as current scientific and medical knowledge allows. The difference is as between fake news and bad news.

          1. Nigel

            Unvaccinated people still the main problem, putting us all in danger:

            ‘If it turns out that vaccinated people lose their immunity as they get older, that could leave them vulnerable to measles outbreaks seeded by unvaccinated people—which are increasingly common in the United States and other developed countries. Even a vaccine failure rate of 3% to 5% could devastate a high school with a few thousand students, says Robert Jacobson, director of clinical studies for the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota, who wasn’t involved with the study. Still, he says, “The most important ‘vaccine failure’ with measles happens when people refuse the vaccine in the first place.”’

            The newspunch piece is just… reaching wildly:

            ‘There seems to be a massive disconnect between the demand to forcefully vaccinate children without their parents’ consent and actually caring about what happens to children. As Matt Agorist of The Free Thought Project recently reported, there are literally thousands of children within the United States who are being used, bought and sold as sex slaves. Do vaccine advocates care?’

            Are those real kids based on actual reported crimes or are the kids found on pizzagate menus? Who knows?

          2. Nigel

            Someone didn’t read their own link, or at least never bothered to follow through to sources.

  6. eoin

    Would love to know what the Broadsheet/Carlow Weather guru thinks about yesterday’s “surprise” [front page of Sindo] snow storm.

    Is this yet another boo-boo by the waste-of-space Met Eireann?

    1. Cian

      waste-of-space Met Eireann??

      Really? They do a great job. Weather prediction isn’t an exact science. They get it right most of the time. Their mobile website if brilliant – the rainfall radar is great. it’s not 100% correct – but no predictions ever are.

  7. eoin

    Guardian exposes Facebook lobbying govts in investment-for-privacy-wild-west scandal

    “Facebook has targeted politicians around the world…promising investments and incentives while seeking to pressure them into lobbying on Facebook’s behalf against data privacy legislation”

    “claims that the Irish prime minister [Enda Kenny] said his country could exercise significant influence as president of the EU, promoting Facebook’s interests even though technically it [Ireland as EU president] was supposed to remain neutral.”


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