‘Further Discharges Expected’


A recent discharge from the Ringsend wastewater treatment plant into Dublin Bay 

Almost two weeks ago, a sewage spill took place at the Ringsend wastewater treatment plant with the discharge flowing into Dublin Bay.

The spill from the plant, which caters for 40 per cent of the country’s wastewater, was photographed with the use of a drone by Eoin O’Shaughnessy, of Dublin City Shots.

Further to this…

Seán McCarthaigh, in The Times Ireland edition, reports:

Further unplanned discharges of partially treated sewage can be expected in Dublin Bay over the next few years, a regulator has warned.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has blamed problems with a lack of capacity for an incident at Irish Water’s sewage treatment plant in Ringsend, the country’s largest wastewater treatment plant.

It said an investigation into the discharge on February 23 indicated that there would be ongoing issues until an upgrade to the plant had been completed. EPA inspectors concluded that the spillage was primarily caused by the plant operating above its capacity.

An estimated 100 cubic metres of sludge was released into Dublin Bay over 20 minutes. The details became public only after footage of a large brown-coloured plume was captured by a drone operator and appeared on social media.

Expect more sewage spillages in Dublin Bay, watchdog warns (Seán McCarthaigh, The Times Ireland edition)

Pic: Eoin O’Shaughnessy/Dublin City Shots

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27 thoughts on “‘Further Discharges Expected’

    1. millie st murderlark

      It was unfunny last time you posted that witticism and even more so this time.

      Fresh material maybe?

        1. millie st murderlark

          I’m sure if the government hadn’t pissed away the money they had taken through taxation for the purposes of maintaining our water system we wouldn’t have this problem.

          But yes, unfortunately true.

          1. Cian

            Which is the reason that a dedicated agency with it’s own revenue stream is the way to solve this sort of thing. If they are reliant on the government to allocate money – they will always be left wanting.

          2. dav

            Millie blushirts have promised to see IW to redacted, they must keep banging the privatisation drum, it’s all they know..

          3. Charlie

            It’s ‘Blushirt’ Dav! Life is short mate. Make sure you spend as much time on the internet arguing politics with strangers.

    2. scottser

      if only our foul waste could be recycled and harvested for fertilisers and methane instead of being pumped out to sea..

  1. eoin

    “Discharge”, “partially treated sewage”, “sludge”, “effluent”, “waste water sludge” and my favorite “activated sludge”

    Irish Water has allowed human waste (pee and poo) to be dumped into Dublin bay, a water way beside beaches, all of which are used by bathers, surfers, strollers. The CEO of Irish Water should be in a Garda station to answer for this corporate malfeasance.

      1. Cian

        “And it was clearly planned.. this was no accident ..”
        really? how can you tell it was clearly planned?

          1. Cian

            Right. “planned” as in, due to lack of investment over the last decade we are now over-capacity and if people keep flushing their loos we will be overwhelmed with poo and will need to dump it straight into the sea.

            That kind of plan.

  2. SOMK

    Ireland is pooping itself, if your priorities don’t change when you soil yourself there’s something profoundly wrong with you (bearing in mind the aforementioned self-pooing is already a emanating high-level wrong).

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