A Limerick A Day


Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy suggests a Trotsky-like ‘united front’ against Sinn Féin’s “nationalist, pro-capitalist’ agenda in internal party documents

All clear thinking comrades agree
With the tactics of Leon Trotsky
And if battles are fought
Using critical thought
Then we’ll march to a left victory

John Moynes


Yesterday: Hard To Swallow

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17 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Starina

    that article nearly reads like a particularly dense Onion article. However, SF totally are bourgeois sectarian nationalists. I was bemused to see “NO JEWS” declarations on SF leaflets from the early 20th-century in the Irish Jewish Museum recently; it was shocking to see but unsurprising — xenophobia is normal for nationalist parties, left or not.

      1. Rob_G

        Reducing property tax is fairly middle class.

        Their current leader is middle class (indeed, went to an expensive private school). Their former leader, though from a working class background, owns several homes, is flown abroad for private medical treatment, and is even now a member of the British nobility, so I suppose that he is at the very least middle class by now.

    1. Mel

      Starina, don’t use words such as bourgeois if you don’t know what they mean. It’s embarrassing for everyone and lowers the tone of the place. Here’s a French phrase that applies to you though: ‘bien pensant’ Try it on for size, it suits you.

      1. Pee Pee

        @mel you should try this french phrase, cul de sac, because you’re a dead end and full of illegally dumped rubbish ha

  2. Rob_G

    Did this paper emerge through a leak, or was this actually published in order to attract voters to the party?

  3. eoin

    Socialism is the least united political movement in Ireland which is really saying something (eh, SocDems?). Didn’t their grouping threaten to expel Mick Wallace, which inevitably meant the resignation of Click and then they lost Joan Collins. Weren’t Tommy Broughan and Thomas Pringle also sidling up to them but found them too dogmatic so they joined the I4C?

    Maybe the Trotskyist “united front” goal is appropriate, didn’t Trotsky’s comrades butcher him with an ice pick?

        1. Whatsgoingon

          Read your history…start by reading Gulag Archipelago. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. You are extremely naive if you think it worked. You do injustice to the millions of dead that it buried in that country.

          1. Whatsgoingon

            Unfortunately you would be surprised how many people out there, especially young college students actually think socialism and communism is a good idea and have not a clue of its history. A while back I would have taken that as sarcasm but now I think we need that font.

  4. RuilleBuille

    Of course Murphy and the Socialist Party would choose to attack Sinn Fein before either FF or FG. SF are the party Irish unionists most dislike.

    His party’s constitution wishes to return Ireland to the United Kingdom although they hide behind the description of ‘…a Federation of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.’ Their leadership in London are old style big nation chauvinists.

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