Painted From Memory



The company confirmed to The Times that up until now all its female staff had to wear make-up as part of their uniform. Aer Lingus said that new guidelines would not include mandatory use for the first time. Women working on board the Irish airline’s fleet will soon be allowed to wear trousers, instead of the previously obligatory skirts.

Aer Lingus won’t make cabin crew wear make-up (Ellen Coyne, The Timesa Ireland Edition)

Pic: Aer Lingus

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6 thoughts on “Painted From Memory

  1. BS

    Surprised it took them this long. I was on an Aer Lingus flight last year where they’re was a transvestite flight attendant working.

    Very woke altogether

        1. realPolithicks

          How VERY dare they…thoughts and prayers to bs for what was no doubt a very traumatic experience.

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