10 thoughts on “Street Arf

    1. Starina

      yes! His family owned the stained glass making shop on Camden St, which will be part of a hotel soon. Wetherspoons said they’d preserve the window.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Fantastic. It was awful seeing it covered up with bars for so long, knowing there was a beautiful window there but not being able to see it. I never knew that it used to be a stained-glass shop. Lovely.
        I love stained glass. Had a friend who went over to Germany to learn the art: I must look her up.

  1. Rob

    There’s currently a big piece of his on the wall beside Proper Order Coffee in Smithfield where the giant stormzy used to be. There’s a light projection show to go with it, from 7 each evening.

    This weekend only I think.

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