A Limerick A Day


Dog owners took to Westminster, London yesterday to hound UK Prime Minister Theresa May for a new Brexit referendum

Political fans should take note
That tomorrow the MPs will vote
One more time on May’s deal
But deep down I feel
They’ll give her no reason to gloat

John Moynes

Pic: Sky News

3 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Mel

    Dog people. If I may generalise, dog people as a grouping lack self-awareness and seem oblivious as to how their lifestyle choice impinges on others. Like smokers in that regard. I say they seem oblivious but I suspect they are not and just don’t give a poo.
    Their opinions on Brexit I can do without

  2. Gabby

    There once was a place called Brexit…

    You can complete the Limerick with rhyme words like tallyhoo, ballyhoo, vex it & wrecks it.

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