Animation: Hilal (The Crescent)


An impressive, award-winning short by Hakim Ismail of the Royal College of Art that tells the story of a pregnant mother rushed to hospital in the aftermath of a bombing – as told from the perspective of the child in her womb.


8 thoughts on “Animation: Hilal (The Crescent)

  1. James Mackin

    Child in the womb ??? WTAF ??? i was told only last year that there is NO child in the womb, it’s just a bunch of cells, and these feel nothing, so where am i to stand on this ???

      1. missred

        The glue is strong with this one. It’s the unironic use of extra question marks that does it

  2. newsjustin

    A child in a pregnant mother’s womb? No Chompsky. You must be mistaken. Only clumps of cells live in people’s wombs. Just cells.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      clearly starts as cells yes, no one ever suggested abortion at 9 months or for a viable age to live unassisted without the host,
      Why do you guys try make everything black and white ? It’s disingenuous at best, at worst, well I won’t go there

    2. Tony

      Here Justin I don’t think anyone anywhere – no matter how rabidly pro life or pro choice- would consider a child within hours of being born as a ‘clump of cells’. It would be considered an actual child even in the most abortion friendly society on the planet

    3. millie st murderlark

      Please see my reply above.

      You’re so much smarter than that, old friend, as well you know.

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