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An impressive, award-winning short by Hakim Ismail of the Royal College of Art that tells the story of a pregnant mother rushed to hospital in the aftermath of a bombing – as told from the perspective of the child in her womb.


A very impressive stop motion short featuring a mysterious quest set in a biomechanical alien world, created by Brett Foxwell, who spent ten years working on it.

And here’s how it was done.


A minimalist allegory about life itself by Iring Freytag and Viktor Stickel which:

…tells the story of a child who has to leave its hut in order to find firewood in the cold world. The search becomes a life task.


Early 20th century footage of Tokyo as Japan emerged from the chaotic Meiji period toward a new era of militarism and industrialisation.

The footage has been corrected for speed with ambient sound added by EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam.

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An evocative and rather gorgeous short by London based animator Izzy Burton wherein one man’s journey through life is charted by way of a series of universal experiences.

See the ‘making-of’ featurette here.