‘A Group Calling Itself The IRA’


Those ‘Love Eire‘ parcels..

A new twist….

Police in the UK say they are investigating claims that a group calling itself the IRA was behind a series of parcel bombs sent to addresses in London and Glasgow last week.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police and Police Scotland said a claim was received by The Irish News in Belfast yesterday using a recognised code word.

The Provisional IRA or the Continuity IRA or the Real IRA or even the Old IRA?

Or lethal, if argumentative, amalgam of all four?

We may never know.

Police investigate claims ‘IRA’ behind parcel bombs (RTÉ)

Previously: Hot Mail

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6 thoughts on “‘A Group Calling Itself The IRA’

  1. Optimus Grime

    Could we not call them The Classic IRA as opposed to be the Old IRA? And the Continuity IRA just have not been consistent enough in my opinion. I also question if the Real IRA are real or not in an existential manner.

    1. Iwerzon

      ‘I Can’t believe It’s Not The IRA’ or ‘Utterly IRA’
      Or as they are affectionately know down my way – the ‘Bon Jovi’s’ (Provies)
      Probably some kids posted a few whizz-bangs with a ‘recognised’ code word they got in an old Tim Pat Coogan book

  2. jimmey_russell

    This is Brexit’s fault, we all knew this was going to happen and yes even though it’s because a return of the border would cause massive damage to the flow of drugs, stolen goods and laundered agri diesel that various republican groups (some with strong links to so-called legitimate political parties) depend on. We need to reverse brexit of we could be in for even more incidents like these.

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