Soc Dem Syndrome


 Dublin City Councillor with Social Democrats Gary Gannon and journalist Philip O’Connor

Stockholm-based journalist Philip O’Connor, of the blog Our Man in Stockholm, will be contending the selection convention of the Dublin Social Democrats branch for a run at the European Elections this May.

Social Democrats Dublin City Councillor Gary Gannon is also seeking a nomination to run in the European Elections for Dublin.

It follows reports in the Sunday Business Post on March 3, 2019, that it was understood Mr O’Connor was “in talks” with the party.

In the same newspaper, journalist Hugh O’Connell reported that Mr Gannon had threatened to quit the party if it decides to withdraw support from its local election candidate Ellie Kisyombe, following a report in the Sunday Times on February 17 concerning Ms Kisyombe’s background.

Mr Gannon told the newspaper:

“If Ellie is not a candidate for the Social Democrats, then neither will I be.”


Pics: Philip O’Connor and Gary Gannon

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44 thoughts on “Soc Dem Syndrome

  1. Fact Checker

    Do either Ms Kiyombe or Mr O’Connor actually reside in Dublin?

    In many countries you are obliged to, you know, actually live in a place you seek to represent.

      1. Fact Checker

        I would make the same point about Durkan.

        Nessa Childers was an Ireland East MEP, then Dublin. I am not sure which constituency she actually lived in but not both.

        There are a few Dublin City Councillors that represent wards they don’t live in. I find it a bit bizarre.

  2. Baz

    what will the 3 leaders, sorry 2 leaders of the 2 TD party do now?

    Soc Dems, just a rebranding of the Stickies.

    fightin’ and failure guaranteed.

    1. bisted

      …beg your pardon buddie…I used to be a stickie…Soc Dems are nothing like stickies…you fight and fail all you like…

  3. Frilly Keane

    I think Gary is being a bit rash here tbh

    And while I think it’s great the SDs are having a selection convention, Gary imo has a better chance in May than most

    He’ll give the Blueshurts with their household names a right run
    And he’ll do well from Lynn Boylan’s transfers
    Who’ll propably exceed her 23+% of 1st preferences this time out

    And FF Andrews will be an early elimination so that’ll help Gary

    I reckon he’s in with a right oul’ shout
    Remember Lynn topped the poll last time while being an unknown who just went door to door
    Which is what Gary does

    So hold your whist Gary

    1. Fact Checker


      I would think Boylan will top the poll (close to a quota) with Fitzgerald and Andrews #2 and #3. Boylan first elected. Even if Fitzgerald is in third place on first count she will come home when Durkan is eliminated, likely second elected.

      Andrews will come in third elected maybe after four or give counts.

      The left vote will be split between Solidarity (yet to announce), Greens, PBP, Workers’ Party, Labour and the Soc Dems. Vote leakage will be _all over the place_ with this gang, and none of the candidates really has city-wide name recognition to pull ahead of the pack. It will be last man/woman standing.

      I will take a punt on Cuffe to make it, after everyone else having been eliminated.

      1. eoin

        Judging by the scores of negative responses to Frances Fitzgerald and her tweet last Sunday about the platform she was very kindly given in the Sindo, she’ll be lucky if she keeps her deposit.

        She was responsible for the Dail being misled about Sgt Maurice McCabe, she presided over scandal after scandal in An Garda Siochana and appeared catatonically unable to respond, and ultimately, she was effectively fired by Leo. Her political career has already ended in failure, why would voters want her in Europe?

        1. Fact Checker

          FG are at =~30% in the polls, and in general stronger in Dublin than outside.

          It would be astonishing if (in a four seater) Fitzgerald didn’t take a seat with her name recognition and where FG are in the polls.

        2. Rob_G

          “… she’ll be lucky if she keeps her deposit.”

          – this is what happens when BS and Twitter are your sole sources of news.

          1. Fact Checker


            FG clearly did private polling as well to gauge voter sentiment.

            She will be an MEP in June.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Nobody is doubting that there’s a FG seat from the four t’be got out’ve Dublin
            And obviously Francie is going to get in
            Like Durkan is a blow-in
            And well described below as a Sweeper
            likely t’ get a Senate seat for his troubles n’ all
            How bad

      2. Mike

        Ciaran Cuffe is getting my 1st pref. Gary would probably get my 2nd if he’s on the ballot. No other candidates are on my radar at all at the moment.

    2. Rob_G

      I think BS readers massively overestimate the appeal of both Gannon and the Soc Dems to the general voting public.

      1. Frilly Keane


        But Gary has put in the graft
        And that’s was got Lynn her poll topper spot

        An’ she had even less name recognition in Urban Dublin than Gary

        1. Fact Checker


          SF had a very good day out in 2014, taking nearly 20% of the vote nationwide.

          None of their other candidates – Ní Ríada or Carty – had any recognition either. It was the party brand that did it.

          1. Frilly Keane

            They had a great day out in ’14

            But Matt will definitely top up his %
            So will Boylan
            Ní Riada I dunno ’cause I’d say Billy Kelliher will run riot there
            But she’ll still be home safely

            So I’m not sure latest polls are reliable here

          2. Fact Checker

            SF will take a seat in every constituency.

            FG will take a seat in each and, with a very fair wind, will take two.

            It all depends on poll numbers holding up, clever vote management, and the rest of the field splitting the vote.

            At the moment FG seem to be running Durkan (Dublin), Doyle (south-west), and Ryan (north west) as sweeper candidates though.

          3. Frilly Keane

            Here Fat Check
            Where are you getting your confidence in FF taking one’ah those Dublin seats

            Like even there Greens did better that them last time
            ( I think – Eamonn Ryan waddent it)

          4. Fact Checker

            Andrews has reasonable name recognition in Dublin. Mary Fitzpatrick didn’t in 2014.

            FF are doing alright in the polls. Two strong 2014 candidates (Childers and Ryan) aren’t in the race.

            FG vote will be split (a bit) allowing Andrews to maybe overtake Fitzgerald on first count.

            The left vote will get sieved and sieved on every count keeping him ahead of the bunch.

            Andrews will be an MEP in June.

            Euro polls are very easy to forecast, north and south. Nationally, I only got one wrong in 2009 (Joe Higgins instead of M-L McDonald) and one wrong in 2014 (Clune instead of Harris).

          5. Frilly Keane

            Suppose the name has some recognition alright

            It just shows the state of Fianna Fail in Dublin that this is what they’ve resorted ta’

            Mind you
            I think Catherine Ardagh should ah’ out herself in front of convention
            I’ve a suspicion she’s gonta be disappointed again there in DSC
            Assuming Catherine Byrne runs again
            ( I know she got confirmed at the Blueshurts Rally – but I’m not convinced it’s a genuine effort – maybe she’s keeping it warm for someone)

          6. Fact Checker

            I would be very doubtful that the left can take 3/4 seats in Dublin South Central again.

            I would think 1 FF and 1 FG at least is more likely. Another SF and then one left wing seta.

          7. Frilly Keane

            I’d love ta’ agree wi’ya

            But there’s no splitting Joan n’ Brid
            Or the Catherines
            So it’s gonta be a cracking count ta’ watch
            ’cause Snoddy himself might have a bitta’ve squeaky bum himself

          8. Fact Checker

            It’ll be a great count.

            4 incumbents plus two plausible challengers (Moynihan and Ardagh) for four seats.

            No one is safe – even Byrne if FG are <25% in national polls on the day.

  4. Zaccone

    I’d heard good things about Gannon previously. But the tantrum he and the Dublin central SocDems branch threw over merely investigating Ellie Kisyombe’s background after she was caught out lying massively would really make me question their judgment.

    When a political candidate is caught out blatantly lying to the public it serves no-ones interests to ignore the facts and brush it under the carpet – thats Trumpian politics right there.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    “I could love you but why begin it
    ‘Cause there ain’t any future in it”

    Bye bye Gary, Gary goodbye.

  6. Dub Spot

    O’Connor is one of the dinner party set keeping the #Marian narrative going, an insult to the rest of us. Clearly the SocDems are entering GO’D territory. “Their” man in Stockholm ….

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