Keening In The Years


Snowbie, who describes themselves as an amateur UK/Ireland weather historian and student, tweetz:

Maximum wind gusts for Storm Gareth in comparison with other storms of the season and the 2010s decade at Irish stations. Colour coded based on the warning system.

Red = In excess of 130kph
Orange/amber = 111 to 130kph
Yellow = 90 to 110kph


Carlow Weather tweetz:

Two planes playing X and O in the Sky 😁 plenty of bright spells over Carlow but cloud increasing from the West as winds start to ease off here.

3 thoughts on “Keening In The Years

  1. paul

    my takeaway from this is that Ophelia wasn’t that bad and that we had a Storm Bawbag in 2011 and nobody told me.

    1. The Old Boy

      Isn’t the naming of Irish and UK storms a recent (and rather silly) innovation? I have no idea where the names of the older storms came from; but I presume they are wholly unofficial.

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