This afternoon.

The White House, Washington DC

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21 thoughts on “Trump-L’eoil

      1. johnny

        I’m totally confused as to why the Chief Justice and the Attorney General of Ireland were with Leo at the charity dinner last night,in the middle of a fraud and embezzlement investigation,with a court case pending and possibly criminal charges…..
        Trips to Ireland are part of the investigation, why would the state send its Chief Justice and AG to a scandal ridden charity dinner, that’s embroiled in very messy court cases/criminal investigations,possibly involving Ireland trips-who’d she meet there as a senior executive of this charity ?

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Irish Times 2017: ‘She has a nice smile’: Trump singles out RTÉ’s Caitriona Perry..
      Back for more cringe news stories

      1. johnny

        Very confusing as loss making RTE also has Brian O’Donovan duplicating Perry’s coverage, why would a loss making state broadcaster send an evening news reader all the way from Ireland to basically cover, what its own US based hack is already doing…..

    2. eoin

      Doesn’t loss-making RTE send a plane-load of their stars and staff to Washington for the St Patrick’s Day festivities? Isn’t attendance at the St Patrick’s Day ball the ticket they all aspire to getting? At our expense.

    3. rotide

      God Almighty, enough with the axe grinding.

      she’s there as an anchor, not a reporter. Most news networks broadcast remote anchors. this is not unusual no matter how hard you try and make it so

  1. Nigel

    ‘before adding “I’m not sure anyone knows” what’s happening with it’

    For once his stock phrase for hiding his own ignorance chimes with the truth.

    John Bolton and Andrew Jackson lurking in the background there like intergenerational manifestations of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

    Can’t believe NONE of them bothered to wear a green MAGA hat.

    1. johnny

      Bolton was involved in the whole Libertas/Ganly/Ulick McEvaddy and Rivada lobbying/campaign against the Lisbon Treaty.

      He’s also one the biggest supporters of Brexit.

      “Trump isn’t the only senior White House official rooting for Brexit. National security adviser John Bolton talks regularly by phone with his Brexiteer friends inside Theresa May’s imploding government — Cabinet ministers Liam Fox and Chris Grayling — according to a May government source.”

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Enough of the “unelected Taoiseach” scutter! Leo’s as “unelected” as Brian, Bertie, Enda, Bruton, Albert etc

      Can you tell us how many Taoisigh you have elected? In my 30 year experience as a voter I’ve never elected a Taoiseach and unless you live in Varadkar’s constituency, you couldn’t have voted for him anyway.

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